After getting married  around October 2013,I knew I just have to find a way to clear the Staph infection that I have been battling with before I got married so that it won’t cause delay in child bearing.I later came across this website and put a call across to the  number I saw on the site to make more enquiry on the BBGE Natural therapy.I was skeptical at first due to the fact I have used several antbiotics with no result and I was not  even convinced enough to even pay for the products.I later got another herbal product and used it yet no result.I later called back around  Febuary 2014 and bought a three month package at a go and began to use the BBGE Natural therapy products..During my medication I was amazed and impressed on how Mr Aderemi  Aribalusi was always following up on me to know how I was improving.I thank God that after three months of taking the products I am now perfectly free from this Staphylococcus infection. After some months later my wife also conceived.I and my wife Chioma Egbuka have been recommending the BBGE Natural Therapy to people also suffering from this ailment.By November 2014 my wife also gave birth to our first child!


I was a NYSC corp member serving in Lekki,Lagos when I came across the BBGE Natural Therapy online around August 2014.Due to my location in Lagos I called the contact number on the site and came to the address in Ikeja.I bought some of the product then  due to the fact that I was not earning well.I just bought 2 Berry Nectar Juice,1 Garlic Thyme and 1 Echinacea Supreme.Within few days of using the products I discovered most of the symptoms I was experiencing started vanishing I was really happy and encouraged to continue taking it.After a month of taking the products I decided to go for a lab test knowing well I was feeling much better but I was surprised that the infection was not totally cleared and became discouraged to continue despite Mr Aderemi’s advice that I should continue.Thank God for his persistency in following up on me to encourage me. I later called after I got an appointment after my service year later in Novemeber 2014 to make enquiry on other products that could help me to add weight which I bought and he advised to use the BBGE Natural therapy again for about  3 months which I did.I later bought a full package in December 2014 and used it for 2 months and got final remedy from the Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albican infection in March 2015.I have recommended the same products to two ladies in my office also having Candida albican infection.


My name is Engineer Sunday Ikechukwu.I live in Maiduguiri,Borno State.I have been suffering from the Staph infection for over 5 years and I have used several herbal products,concotions  and orthodox antibioitics with no permanent remedy.I started surfing the internet on how to get an alternative remedy to this Staph. Infection  and saw this site and decided to make enquiry on the BBGE Natural Therapy after reading the article.After placing a call across to the number on the site in order to make further enquiry I later place an order by paying to the Right Diet and Lifestyle International account and got my package about 3 days later from Lagos.I used the BBGE Therapy religiously for 3 months and  was satisified with the result I got.I was really surprised by the quality of the products.I saw on the products that it was manufactured in Scotsdale,Arizona,U.S.A.It  has International Aloe Science Council Certification,HALAL/Islamic Seal of Approval,KOSHER Seal of Approval and NAFDAC endorsement.This gave me confidence to  make further enquries wether I could  get any other  nutritional organic products for some of my colleague who was seriously HYPERTENSIVE and my Uncle that has been down with DIABETES for many years.I also got some WEIGHT MANAGEMENT products for my colleague that wants to add weight.I am now finally free from Staphylococcus infection and a year later I requested for the company’s nutritional organic detox program  to help me lose some