My name is Engineer Sunday Nwafor.I live in Utako,Abuja

I have been suffering from the Staph infection for over 5 years and I have used several herbal products,concoctions  and orthodox recommendation with no permanent remedy.

I started surfing the internet on how to get an alternative remedy to this Staph. Infection and saw this site and decided to make enquiry on the Natural Therapy after reading the article.

After placing a call across to the number on the site in order to make further enquiry I later place an order and got my package about 3 days later from Lagos.   

I used the BBGE Natural Therapy religiously for 3 months and  was satisified with the result I got.

I was really surprised by the quality of the products.

I saw on the products that it was manufactured in Scottsdale,Arizona,U.S.A.

It has International Aloe Science Council Certification,HALAL/Islamic Seal of Approval,KOSHER Seal of Approval.

This gave me confidence to  make further enquries wether I could  get any other  nutritional organic products for some of my colleague who was seriously HYPERTENSIVE and my Uncle that has been down with DIABETES for many years.



FINALLY EXPOSED!!: Discover Top 6 Natual Ingredients Recommended by Nutritionist that helps to boost the immune system to fight and eliminate any type of microbial infection in the shortest possible time    

There are about 40 sub-groups (for example Staphylococcus Epidermis, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus Lugdunensis, etc.) and other Staphylococcus Sub Species.  

Staph is usually treatable with antibiotics. Not all Staph is necessarily bad.   For example, Staphylococcus Epidermis is on the skin. It is expected to be there. It is part of the normal skin make-up.  

Staphylococcus fits into a group of bacteria called “L.A.B.” This stands for Lactic Acid Bacteria. Lactic Acid Bacteria are very common.   

So,Staphylococcus bacteria is a type of Lactic Acid Bacteria. Something else interesting is that it has another byproduct called Uric Acid. As early as the 1930s and way back then they knew Staphylococcus eats sugar and produces Lactic and Uric acids.  

Staphylococcus aureus commonly colonizes the nostrils,the rest of the respiratory tract,open wounds and  the urinary  tract…       Staphylococcus aureus is the meaner older brother and not as treatable with antibiotics. It has a very improved ability to protect itself against the immune system & resist antibiotics.      

It has secret weapons: Two enzymes that make it unique.   To unlock the mysteries of MRSA we must understand these two secret weapons.  

Are you ready?  

One enzyme is called Coagulase and the other is Catalase.  

Coagulase is easy to remember because it is the same as coagulation of the blood (this is one way doctors know how to identify Staphylococcus aureus          

It coagulates the blood around it.  

Catalase is the real secret weapon. Catalase is what makes MRSA so dangerous.      

Most people suffering from Staph infections are seeking for natural alternatives on how to treat and get rid of this infection from the body system   Staph aureus is a serious infectious bacteria.  

It is highly resistant  to all all types of orthodox treatment.It damages the health of the person suffering from it and there are more than 25 known species of Staphylococcus aureus.     

It is the most common of all specie that is causing a lot of devastation and confusing to women and men alike.  

It attacks every parts of the body and the toxic effect of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria are mostly discharged into the bloodstream of the sufferer thereby harming cells,tissues and organs of the body.  

It is known to resist high temperature and it is also able to  thrive in this enviroment  with the help of its outermost shell called b-lactamase which  helps to resist  most antibiotics. 

  It is also salt and heat resistance in the tropics.  

The major conventional ways of treating Staph aureus infection and any type of infection such as Candidiasis,Pelvic Inflammatory Disease,Gonorrhea,Syphillis,Toilet Infection e.t.c is by taking orthodox pharmaceutical antibiotics prescribed by medical doctors    Some of the prescribed antibiotics  are:  






Nafcillin Oxacillin


Vancomycin e.t.c.              


HEART: It attacks the heart of an individual.It gives rise to endocarditis i.e when the membrane lining of the heart is inflammed,heart valves and walls are also affected.    

STOMACH:It gives rise to intragastric disorder such as diarhhea,cramps and enteritis with discharge of mucous stool which may be offensive.It causes loud noise in the stomach.    

RESPIRATORY:It leads to persistent cough,inability to breath well and excruciating pains in the heart    

BUCCAL CAVITY:It leads to odour,the mouth smell terribly no matter the number of times ine brushes the mouth    

URINARY TRACT: When Staphylococcus aureus attacks the urinary tract it gives rise to biting or pricking feeling within the  urinary tracts,inflammed bladder and frequent urination.It can also move up through the ureter and attack the kidney.It also  leads to nephritis with pains all around the waist.It can cause pelvic inflammatory disease when neglected.  

REPRODUCTIVE ORGANS:This has caused infertility in males and females  due to it’s effect on the reproductive tracts.most infertility and miscarriage cases have been traced to Staphylococcus aureus infection.  

  MUSCULOSKELETAL ATTACK: If Staphylococcus aureus enters the muscles it begins to eat them up this can make  the individual to complain of muscles pain(intramuscular attack) when it discharges its  toxins into the blood poisoning take place called septicaemia and pyemic abscesses at this time the individual begins to feel crawling sensation all over the body .This  also leads to heat in the sufferer’s body The body temperature may appear normal externally but inside the heat will be so much.This could lead to change of complexion and can make someone to look nauseating when it has attacked the bones and joints which makes these parts of the body  to be aching.The movement of the individual may become impaired.It can also affect the knee,ankle,shoulder and hips of the sufferer all these could lead to stiffness and rigidity.Some people complain of pains in associated bones of the waist.Some people also complain of heaviness as if there is stone or block in their waist.This is due to sacro spondylitis.  

SKIN: Staphylococcus aureus  can lead to localized infection of skin wound,pimples and offensive body odour.      



When there is much pains in the waist as if carrying stone   

                    Hotness of the body           

Movement of wormlike organisms in the body   


Mouth odour even after washing         


General body weakness   

     Low sperm count or no sperms-azoospermia   

    Quick ejaculation of sperms   

      Weak erection of the penis   

     Chronic cough   

      Frequent urination   


    Watery sperm      


       Pelvic inflammatory disease(P.I.D) which can  lead to pouring back of sperm after intercourse       


It causes endomentritis which makes women to pass out offensive vaginal discharge   

It leads to blockage of fallopian tubes at this point yellowish micopurulent cervical discharge will be noticed at the vulva which stains the females sufferer’s underwears   

It leads to the  inflammation of the ovaries.If this happens the ovaries will no longer function and produce hormones such as oestrogen and progesterone that regulate the women menstruation.This will cause irregular menstruation   

       It can lead to bleeding in the vagina during intercourse or painful sex   


Noise in the stomach mostly on regular basis   

     When there is loss of ovualtion   

    Odour in the mouth 

      Presence of worm like  movement in the body


      Heaviness in the waist as if stone is present   

   Infertility and miscarriage    


  But several research has shown how these bacterias develop new resistant strains that are not been impacted  by numerous of  these antibiotics and long use of these drug has adverse impact on  the immune system  thereby leading to other opportunistic infectons..  

These antibiotics are not powerful enough to fight Staph infection thereby making them to always resurface again over and over again thereby creating an unending vicious cycle.

 There are other local herbals and herbal concotions which might be detrimental to the body organs in the long run because they lack required standard RDI(Recommened Dosage Intake).  

They work for sometime and give temporary relief but most people experiencing this infection tend to become frustrated from overuse and different use of these herbs


  Hence the need for a guaranteed treatment for this infection.    

A research was done by several nutritionist in over 5 countries from U.K,Sweden,China,U.S.A,South America e.t.c to found a lasting solution to this global plague affecting millions of people world wide.  

The research took over 8 years in Arizona,U.S requiring multimillon dollars to finally discover a therapy that can eliminate and get rid of Staph.infection in 30 days to 90 days    

For the past 5 years several users of this therapy have gotten a lot of improvement and have gotten freedom from this debilitating MRSA  bacteria infection with testimonials and positive feedbacks    

Below are Top 7 Benefits of using the Therapy:   

It is a general body tonic, that helps replenishes lost vital nutrients(ammino acid,vitamins,mineral e.t.c)  

Detoxifies the entire body system off toxins(Lactic acid,uric acid & sepsis caused by staph   aureus),protecting the cells,tissues and organs(strong antioxidant)   

It aids rejuvenation

It is a natural immunomodulator and immuno stimulator i.e it helps to regulate and boost the immune system     

Natural and powerful antibiotic an excellent aid against  infections   

Also enhances the immune functions   It also contains many sulphur compounds,which gives it its healing properties   

It detoxifies the body system and fights against Staph aureus infection by enhancing immune function        

Check out several testimonials of those that have used this amazing natural therapy for eliminating Staph infection:    

Below are some of the testimonials of users of BBGE Natural  Therapy for Staph infection and other infections: 



I was a NYSC corp member serving in Lekki,Lagos when I came across the BBGE Natural Therapy online around August 2014.Due to my location in Lagos I called the contact number on the site and came to the address in Ikeja.I bought some of the product then due to the fact that I was not earning well.I just bought 2 Berry Nectar Juice,1 Garlic Thyme and 1 Echinacea Supreme.Within few days of using the products I discovered most of the symptoms I was experiencing started vanishing I was really happy and encouraged to continue taking it.After a month of taking the products I decided to go for a lab test knowing well I was feeling much better but I was surprised that the infection was not totally cleared and became discouraged to continue despite Mr Aderemi’s advice that I should continue.Thank God for his persistency in following up on me to encourage me. I later called after I got an appointment after my service year later in Novemeber 2014 to make enquiry on other products that could help me to add weight which I bought and he advised to use the BBGE Natural therapy again for about  3 months which I did.I later bought a full package in December 2014 and used it for 2 months and got final remedy from the Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albican infection in March 2015.I have recommended the same products to two ladies in my office also having Candida albican infection.    




Check below chats from users of BBGE Natural Therapy















If you will like to read more testimonials scroll down to the end of the page   




The BBGE Natural Therapy is researched,developed and manufactured by Aloe Of America Inc. and marketed and distributed by Right Diet and Lifesytle Int’l  

We have limited stock and when we run out of stock it might take about 2 to 3 weeks to ship in and restock  

You will  see a lot of result,improvement and get rid of the Staph infection in the shortest possible time depending on how long you have been having the infection    

BBGE Natural Therapy contains 4 organic products at a retail value of $146 (N45,000)

But for the first 20 that places order before 14 Days will get a whooping 20% discount  for N39,500  With An Extra Free Delivery Service to anywhere in the country




If the infection is not too long in the body sytem and it is a mild and scanty growth 





You will  see a lot of result,improvement and get rid of the Staph infection in the shortest possible time depending on how long you have been having the infection    

BBGE Medium Natural Therapy Pack contains 3 organic products at a retail value of $146 (N35,500)

But for the first 20 that places order before 14 Days will get a whooping 20% discount  for N29,500  With An Extra Free Delivery Service to anywhere in the country

You will also:  


↣ Enjoy 20% Discount

↣ Free Consultation

↦ Free Delivery

After 14 Days the price will go back to its original price of N45,000 for the Mega Pack or N35,500 For Medium Pack with No Free Ebook and  No Free Delivery Service


The total  BBGE Combination Therapy comprises of:



·It is a general body tonic, that helps replenishes lost vital nutrients(ammino acid,vitamins,mineral e.t.c)


.It is an elixir of life!


·Contains more than 200 nutritionally compound


·Detoxifies the entire body system off toxins(Lactic acid,uric acid & sepsis caused by staph


aureus),protecting the cells,tissues and organs(strong antioxidant)


·It aids rejuvenation


·It is a natural immunomodulator and immuno stimulator i.e it helps to regulate and boost the immune system


·Natural source of energy


·Cleanses the entire urinary tract system,prevents the Staph bacteria from adhering to bladder cells and enhances the cleaning functions of kidneys,bladder and skin


·It is a natural source of flavonoids;oligomeric proanthocyanidins(OPC) which makes it a powerful antioxidant against the free radicals caused by Staph aureus


2 Litres  which is needed to last for 30 days.




Bee Propolis is a bee hive product.Reseach has shown  its effectiveness against 15 strains of the antibiotic resistants MRSA.Propolis contains 150 complex compounds including many different bioflavonoids known for there strong anti-infectve properties


• Natural and powerful antibiotic an excellent aid against  infections


•Also enhances the immune functions


60 Capsules is needed for 30 days.






Garlic has been used for 5,000 years medicinaly in Egypt and Romans have used it for different infections.Garlic otherwise known as Alium Sativum is a  very good natural antibiotic. What causes the burning sensaton in it is called Alicin and when crushed and ingested the body mechanism turn it to Ajoene ,Garlic is anti bacteria .

We humans are natural and natural therapy helps our health much better.Study has shown its effectiveness against different strains of microbial infections


The two powerful antioxidant;combine to create a great tool in maintaining good health.


It also contains many sulphur compounds,which gives it its healing properties


·It detoxifies the body system and fights against Staph aureus infection by enhancing immune function


·It has been formed into a an odorless soft gel capsules thereby eliminating the odour

100 Capsule  is needed  for 30 days.



Total Price is N39,500 (117.00 USD) FOR MEGA PACK OR 

N29,500 (106.00 USD) FOR MEDIUM PACK

For those interested in ordering for the BBGE Therapy from any part of the country(Nigeria) pay the total sum of N39,500 OR N29,500




We use FEDEX,Courier Master,NIPOST or Way Bill Transport Service.It will be delivered to you within 2-4 working Days.

After payment send your Full name,Amount Paid,Date of Payment,Teller No ,Full address and contact numbers to +2348030424466.

For those living within Lagos State,you can locate us at our Head Office:Allen Junction,Ikeja,Right Diet and Lifestyle Int’l,FLP Complex,Lagos State.

NOTE: Call us on +2348030424466 or  +2349094350658  for more enquiry and when you are ready to purchase the  BBGE Therapy.

If you would like to purchase the BBGE Natural Therapy or any of our Wellness products in any of the underlisted  countries send us a mail via titled






























After sending the mail the simple procedure will be sent to you.If your country is not listed we will love to assist you on how to purchase the products.Our parent company is in over 168 countries worldwide



Talk To Us On Whatsapp      

↣ For buying the BBGE Natural Therapy you will also receive 2 Free Health Manual [PDF Format]  worth N4,500  and  N15,000 at no extra expense.


This Free Ebook  is  very helpful and will reveal top 10 natural organic antibiotics that medical doctors will never reveal to you  that can help to further eliminate and fight any type of infection in your body system and you will also get more free tips for your overall sexual health that will improve and boost your fertility




This  Second Free Ebook  is  very helpful and will reveal  a 30 DAYS Diet Plan created by a Top Certified Nutritionist that is guaranteed to help eliminate and boost your immune system against  any type of chronic infection



  ↣ Consider the value of what you are getting.


The BBGE Natural Therapy will in the long run save you money and expenses you might be investing on unresearched and unproven treatments that lacks social proof.


  As a man it will save you from the embarrasment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation that is caused by Staph infection which will render you impotent and unattractive to your madam in the other room  


And also the extra expenses you will incure from treating it not to also talk of cost for still boosting low sperm count that must have emanated from these bacteria that feeds on the sperm cells thereby leading to azoospermia and oligospermia.

These are two sperm conditions that has to do with the quality and quantity of the sperm cells.  

If you are to treat Premature Ejaculation,Erectile Dysfunction and Low Sperm Count imagine how much you will be spending separately for 90days.

It can amount to about $818( N270,000)  

Hence,the need to address the root cause of all these ===’>>> Microbial Infection  


  As a woman this will save you from issues of delayed conception and infertility that might label you as unfruitful(God Forbid!) by your husband families and the stress and headache of going from one hospital to the other looking for lasting solution.

Expenses of treating of dealing with female infertillity issues can be enormous ranging from $833( N300,000) or more!  




When will I begin to see result?

Our therapy are not pharmeceutical drugs that only suppress Staph infection.For some of our users,some begin to see the symptoms vanishing in days,some in weeks and some  in a months.Depending on an individual body system result occur in different durations.

⭐  How long can I take it to get permanent cure?

According to natural laws and body’s healing process,it takes 90 days to 120 days for our body cells to undergo total renewal,rejuvenation and healing.So,likewise you need minimum of 30 days to 90 days to achieve total treatment depending on an individual’s body’s system.But we advise to go complete for 90 days to consolidate the healing process.



⭐ Can I use it with other medications?

BBGE Therapy is totally natural and it does not have adverse reaction with other medications but even helps to enhance the action of those medications.But if you are not sure of how you may react,we advise you to stick exclusively to the BBGE Therapy


⭐  Can Staph.aureus be contracted sexually or is it a Sexually Transmitted Disease?

MRSA or Staph.aureus is not an STD or it cannot be contracted primarily through sex but experience has shown that those that are carrier can later transfer it to their partners.


⭐  How can I place order for the BBGE Natural Therapy?

The procedure on how to get the products is highlighted above by making payment to our account and it will be delivered to you in your location between 2 to 3 days 


⭐  What is the guarantee I will get permanent eradication of this Staph. aureus infection?

The guarantee is  based on testimonials and positive feedbacks from numerous users of the BBGE Natural Therapy for the past 5 years but result and improvement is based on the level of the Staph infection,your body’s immunity and how long you have been having the infection.Different people with different result and response.

P.S.Take Action now to ge rid of this  harmful and debilitating microbial infection and enjoy the benefits and offer before it expires    





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  1. The explanation is highly convincing as it shows professional research and experience. In actual confusion for me I have been thoroughly diagnostically tested in many serious hospital labs in some many ramifications but every appeared negative. The issue is that I have those devastating symptoms-movement and itchy, burning body and nausea as well as sporadic or chronic rather acute loss of memory.We have problem of corruption . I have paid some costs such as this without getting the drugs. Couldn’t it be possible to indicate names, phone number, email and such should sent so I pay to the courier and collect your well researched supplements? Regards. Over. +2348053575777

  2. Please I want to male purchase of this herbal drugs but am in sapele Delta state in Nigeria how can I get it and the payment is it on delivery or before delivery

    • The procedure of getting the products has been highlighted on the article.When you make payment your package will be reach you within 2 to 3 days

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