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If you have been battling with Staph infection or any type of infection for a long time  count yourself very fortunate for visting this page  

By the time you take your time and read to the end of this page you will discover how to finally become free from this frustrating, fund sucking and debilitaing infection..


You will equally get inspired and encouraged by testimonials and postive feedbacks of those that have gotten free.    


First and foremost read below the touching true life story of this Abuja based female model and fashion designer suffering from staph infection and how she later got free...


He Romanced Me so Hard that I Got so watery, Felt like I was in Cloud 9 _ But When He got Down there For the Action - He Instantly Turned OFF." ==============================================================

I'm Janet from Abuja, 28years of age, and into Fashion designing and modelling. I model for big companies, brands and organizations through our modelling agency known as - Twortstags Modelling Agency.

I've been single for almost a year now after my boyfriend left me due to my silly Staph. aureus infection condition birthed out of my own ignorance, and that's the more reason why I'm writing this to inspire you today just incase you're in my shoes,

We women feel shy and ashamed to make love to our man even when we're so hungry and dying of it inside.

We are Probably scared that if he finds out he would definitely back out from the relationship and actually throw in the towel, so we now look for an excuse to put up with him that we preach celibacy - meaning no coitus until our wedding night, so he wouldn't find it easy crashing the marriage he spent so much on just because of a silly problem.

But then, Men are men and they'll still demand it from us no matter what and once they get down there and it seems like they're in a Fish Pond, they immediately turn off, slam the door and end the relationship.

Despite my daily struggles to get the fishy smell  and vaginal discharge as a result of Staph aureus and Candida Infection in all possible ways.

All efforts wasted.... My last relationship was with Daniel. Daniel was romantic, loving and caring man who loved me with all his heart, mind and soul.

We got along easily, but within our first 3months of dating, I already preached celibacy to Daniel of which he agreed to without hassles, he was comfortable with it and we were really getting along.

By the 7th Month, Daniel proposed to me at Exquisite mall, Kubwa Abuja.

That was really a joyful and memorable day for me as all my friends were present because he had earlier informed them but instructed them not to let me in on it.

I felt loved, really felt loved, and I began seeing myself as a married woman already in a matter of months.

Until that Unforgettable Night in Daniel's House.... He came back home that night, and we were together watching a movie in the sitting room, then suddenly something just took over us.

We started kissing as usual, but then, that night's own was too erotic  and emotional that my whole body system became so sensitive, then before I knew what was happening, we started caressing and romancing and I was out of this world.

He Romanced Me so Hard that I Got so watery, Felt like I was in Cloud 9

But When He got Down there For the Action - He Instantly Turned OFF, stopped and held his fingers to his nose.

That was when my senses came back into my head and I felt so ashamed and embarrassed. Daniel was really short of words, he didn't know what to say or do because he loved me so much, but definitely can't take that despite my explanations to him.

All my efforts hit the rock.

That was literally the End of Our Relationship....

That was how my dream shattered like a crate off egg never to be gathered again and marriage journey ended...

I felt like getting myself hanged...

It was really bitter despite all my efforts. I've tried a whole lots of  recommendations,

I've done tests severally with recommendations to use and many more others of which I can't even remember right now.

They did work though, but after about a month the fishy smell odour & Staph infection came back even more no matter what I tried

So I had to drop all of those rubbish and look for a lasting solution to my problem.

Then I made a decision to open up my secret to a friend of mine who lives outside the country with her husband  whom I trust so much.

I contacted her and cried to her about my pressing problem and how I would have become a happily married woman by now if not for this Staph. infection issue I'm having.

She then said to me - "There's a company here in Arizona,U.S that  manufactures organic based  product called BBGE Natural Therapy  and they have a very good reputation here in the whole of US and in over 168 countries world wide

Would you love to try it"? I felt reluctant at first because I've tried several of them here in Nigeria but non of them worked, rather they keep eating up my money because they are relatively Costly.

But then, I told her to make enquiries about it and get back to me by weekend.

She did made the enquiry and I wired the money ($120 for 6 bottles) into the company's account via Paypal, and they have it shipped to me here in Abuja in 2weeks.

As soon as it got to me, I opened up  4 bottles and started  using it every morning and night..

Whenever I use it, I feel better.

I realised that even during my menstrual flow, the smell wasn't as tough and as bad as it was before.

It was now very subtle.

Then I immediately pounced on the remaining bottles, and within the remaining week..

Believe me when I say this - FISHY SMELL WAS NO WHERE TO BE FOUND.

It was just like magic, right now, I can even pull off my panties and place it on my face without Fretting nor fainting...

I'm so very much happy right now, and just to inform the general public - "I'm still single ohh".

This is an experience of Janet and there are many women and men battling with Staphylococcus aureus infection









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