Below are some of the testimonials of users of BBGE Natural  Therapy for Staph infection and other infections

 After getting married
around October 2013,I knew I just have to find a way to clear the Staph
infection that I have been battling with before I got married so that it won’t
cause delay in child bearing.I later came across this website and put a call
across to the  number I saw on the site
to make more enquiry on the BBGE Natural therapy.I was skeptical at first due
to the fact I have used several antbiotics with no result and I was not  even convinced enough to even pay for the
products.I later got another herbal product and used it yet no result.I later
called back around  Febuary 2014 and
bought a three month package at a go and began to use the BBGE Natural therapy
products..During my medication I was amazed and impressed on how Mr Aderemi  Aribalusi was always following up on me to
know how I was improving.I thank God that after three months of taking the
products I am now perfectly free from this Staphylococcus infection. After some
months later my wife also conceived.I and my wife Chioma Egbuka have been
recommending the BBGE Natural Therapy to people also suffering from this
ailment.By November 2014 my wife also gave birth to our first child!


I was a NYSC corp member serving in Lekki,Lagos when I came
across the BBGE Natural Therapy online around August 2014.Due to my location in
Lagos I called the contact number on the site and came to the address in
Ikeja.I bought some of the product then
due to the fact that I was not earning well.I just bought 2 Berry Nectar
Juice,1 Garlic Thyme and 1 Echinacea Supreme.Within few days of using the
products I discovered most of the symptoms I was experiencing started vanishing
I was really happy and encouraged to continue taking it.After a month of taking
the products I decided to go for a lab test knowing well I was feeling much
better but I was surprised that the infection was not totally cleared and
became discouraged to continue despite Mr Aderemi’s advice that I should
continue.Thank God for his persistency in following up on me to encourage me. I
later called after I got an appointment after my service year later in
Novemeber 2014 to make enquiry on other products that could help me to add
weight which I bought and he advised to use the BBGE Natural therapy again for
about  3 months which I did.I later
bought a full package in December 2014 and used it for 2 months and got final
remedy from the Staphylococcus aureus and Candida albican infection in March
2015.I have recommended the same products to two ladies in my office also
having Candida albican infection.


My name is Engineer Sunday Ikechukwu.I live in
Maiduguiri,Borno State.I have been suffering from the Staph infection for over
5 years and I have used several herbal products,concotions  and orthodox antibioitics with no permanent
remedy.I started surfing the internet on how to get an alternative remedy to
this Staph. Infection  and saw this site
and decided to make enquiry on the BBGE Natural Therapy after reading the
article.After placing a call across to the number on the site in order to make
further enquiry I later place an order by paying to the Right Diet and
Lifestyle International account and got my package about 3 days later from
Lagos.I used the BBGE Therapy religiously for 3 months and  was satisified with the result I got.I was
really surprised by the quality of the products.I saw on the products that it
was manufactured in Scotsdale,Arizona,U.S.A.It
has International Aloe Science Council Certification,HALAL/Islamic Seal
of Approval,KOSHER Seal of Approval and NAFDAC endorsement.This gave me
confidence to  make further enquries wether
I could  get any other  nutritional organic products for some of my
colleague who was seriously HYPERTENSIVE and my Uncle that has been down with
DIABETES for many years.I also got some WEIGHT MANAGEMENT products for my
colleague that wants to add weight.I am now finally free from Staphylococcus
infection and a year later I requested for the company’s nutritional organic
detox program  to help me lose some weight
.I really appreciate  Mr Aderemi
Aribalusi for his help in getting my life back.


 I am an I.T specialist based in Delta and have been
afflicted with this bacteria infection for a very long time until I began  to make a research on the natural alternative
on how to eliminate this Staphylococcus aureus infection.I have used several
antibiotics prescribed to me by medical
doctors which didn’t actually work for me until I came across this site
and was impressed by the article and information I read and decided to place an
order for the BBGE Natural Therapy which was delivered to me via Courier Master
International 2 days later after making payment to the company’s account.I used
the products for 2 months and was really impressed by my improvement and
decided to go for another  1 month and
was finally free from the infection.I also got to know about the weight
management products which  the company also
had and  got tremendous result which I
posted on facebook and people were really amazed by my transformation and how I
was looking so healthy.Thank God.I am now finally free from this infection and
I am now able to pursue my dream of studying in Madagascar for my professional  I.T course.


I work in a printing press in Onipanu,Lagos as an operator
and have been battling with this issue for many years and I have spend so much
on various medications  with no concrete
result.I was  having serious symptoms
such as boils,pimples,itching and worm like movement in my body and was really
frustrated until I came across this site and after reading the article came
straight away to their office in Lagos and bought the BBGE Natural Therapy  but was not given the right combination by the
staff unti I later called Mr Aderemi  of
my purchase and asked what I bought and told me to come back the second day for
the right ones which I came and started using the products and for two weeks
didn’t see any changes and decided to call back and I was encouraged to
continue and I was told I will be called to see how I was improving which  he did at the
3rd week and started experiencing a lot of changes in my body
and by the 4th week went for a test to confirm the level of the
Staph aureus growth and the result shows NIL.I was really  thrilled and went for another 1 month on the


My name is Charles Ikechukwu Okolo.I stay in Akilo Ogba
opposite Latter Rain Assembly Church.I am a photographer and I discovered  a lot of changes in my body and
experienced  a lot of itching around my
scrotum after having intimacy with my girlfriend.This made me to go to the
hospital for check up and was diagnosed to have Staph.aureus infection and was
placed on orthodox antibiotics which I used for about two weeks and didn’t get
much result and decided to look for other herbal concoction I could use.I
decided to give the herbal mixtures that was sold  around Ogba for about N20,000 yet not much
result.This continued  for several months
until I was worried of not carrying this till I later marry so I decided to
surf online on how to permanently clear this infection from my body  system.I later got this site through google
and called the number on the site to make more enquiry.After some weeks I
decided to visit the office  in Allen
Junction,Ikeja to make the purchase and was well  attended
to by Mr Aderemi Aribalusi who counseled me more and shared several
testimonials of those that have used the BBGE Natural therapy which really
inspired me.I later bought the products for a month and also went for another
one month and the itching has finally stopped.I later got to know about the
opportunity behind the other products the company has and started sharing it
with a lot of people I know.I have also been opportuned to attend a lot of the
companies  FREE HEALTH WORKSHOPS that has
opened my eyes to LIVING WELL and HEALTHY LIVING,5 Pillars of Health and also
to the 3 Body Cycle our body undergoe namely ELIMINATION,APPROPIRATION and REJUVENATION
CYCLE.I am really grateful for coming across  Mr Aderemi
and this life saving information I got from this website and the global


I have been suffering from this Staph. aureus infection for
about 10 years now.I was always having serious worm like movement and vibration
all over my body which was really giving me sleepless night.I was even thinking
it was a spiritual attack and people in my church was also thinking so.The
bacteria infection also made me to be having serious painful milky discharge
from my penis that always stain my underwears.It also afftected my manhood so
much I could no longer sustain an healthy erection as a man.This really
affected my confidence.I used several antibiotics prescribed to me at the
hospital with no result.I also tried several herbal concotions and even some
supplements from some companies and I was not getting any tangible result. I
started searching on google on the actual cause and alternatives to eliminate
the Staph.aureus infection from my body system.I came across a
nutritionist  that advised on what foods
and diet to avoid and I also learnt on the importance of eating more organic
foods,fruits and vegetables.It was around  this same time that I came across this site
and also read the article and decided to give the BBGE Natural  therapy  a trial.I was really skeptical at the onset
because of my previous experiences with other medications.I started using the
products for a month and discovered significant changes.Because of the changes
I saw I was convinced enough to also purchase products such as MULTI  MACA and GINGKO PLUS that could solve my
erectile dysfunction and to boost my sperm count.To my surprise when I
continued the BBGE Natural Therapy for the second month I saw  improvement in my erection.I henceforth used
the medication for over 3 months and I am much better now.Thanks to the Berry
Nectar,Bee Propolis,Garlic Thyme and Echinacea Supreme and for coming across
this site.


Prior to coming across the BBGE Natural therapy I have spent
over N600,000 in different supplements from companies like Tasly and Kedi
Health but didn’t  see a very good result
from the medications.I have used a lot of herbal mixture some about N20,000 per
one bottle.I travelled as far to the Eastern part of the country to get all
kinds of herbal concoction not even minding the price due to the various
symptoms I was experiencing.Not until  I
came across this site and was really impressed by the information I read and
saw on the site.Not minding my former experience I took the chance of buying
two packs worth about N43,600 for myself and my wife which I took for a month
and discovered a lot of tremendous difference in my total well being.I decided
to continue for another two months again so as to consolidate my healing.I must
confess I wish I had come across this BBGE Natural Therapy before  spending so much fortune on those other
medications and herbal concoctions that could even  have adverse effect on my vital organs!


I work in the accounting department  of an insurance firm and my health as a woman
is of utmost importance to me.My major challenge with the Staph aureus
infection was the smelly and milky discharge I was experiencing which was of
great concern to me.I was equally planning
for my wedding and I don’t want to be dealing with an infertility issue
when I get married.After taking several course of antibiotics prescribed to me
by my  G.P i.e my medical doctor I was
not getting any improvement from the discharges.A friend of my now advised me
to try natural or herbal remedy that it is much better.I now decided to find
any reliable organization that could be of help by googling until I found this
site.I was really fascinated by the load of information about Staph.aureus  infection.I decided to give the BBGE Natural
therapy that was advertised  on the site
a trial.I located the office in Ikeja and met Mr Aderemi to purchase the one
month package.Aft er one month of taking the products the discharged reduced
drastically and continued for another one month by buying two packs for myself
and my fiancée.I equally bought some nutritional medicine for my Mum.I am now
perfectly ok!


 I am a nurse by profession based in Owerri,Imo State and I
have patients meeting me for different cases
but the most frequent once was the case of Staph.infection.I was also
having this infection that has defied all known antibiotics.This really
surprised me because as a nurse we are conversant with the treatment of any
form of  infection with antibiotics.I had
to go outside my profession to source for natural alternatives since the
mainstream orthodox medication was not having any head way.My personal research
led me to this site and I was impressed by the write up and learned a lot from
the article.I decided to try the BBGE Natural therapy recommended and used it  for a month.I didn’t get much result but due
to the follow up from Right Diet and Lifestyle I had to continue for another
month and at the second month I started noticing  more significant changes and also some
reactions which I was told was part of the healing process. After over 2 months
,I am now free from this infection and can now
confidently recommend these products to my patients.


These are also testimonials of live chats of BBGE Natural Therapy users:

Chijioke Christian,Abia,Nigeria

          Mrs Yakubu Diana, Edo State,Nigeria.

         Shawn Vougeot, U.S.A

        Miss Grace,Apapa,Lagos,Nigeria

            Mr Fidelis,Mile 2,Lagos,Nigeria

       Professor Kingsley,Abuja,Nigeria

           Mr Prince,Port Harcourt, Nigeria

           Mrs Yakubu,Benin,Nigeria

            Mr Casey James,Seoul,Korea

Mr Leonard,Owerri,Nigeria

                                                                   Amaka Ijiakor,Surulere, Lagos

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