Natural alternative treatment for vaginal yeast infection

Candida is a family of yeast fungus that can cause infections in humans and animals. Candida yeast infections can be particularly nasty. Though they sometimes benefit from antibiotics, such infections usually affect the bloodstream and internal organs. Typically candida is present on the skin and mucous membranes of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and female genital tracts of healthy human adults in healthy amounts; however, trauma to these areas and changes to your body’s environment can disrupt your homeostatic balance and cause candida to grow rapidly.
Candida symptoms can be broad, but candida overgrowth causes gastrointestinal unease, skin rashes, sore gums, and even depression and weight gain.
The increasing incidence rate of systemic candida infections is a result of modern diets, but a few home remedies can help you conquer these pervasive yeast infections and restore your health. Easily found supplements such as magnesium and zinc can slow the growth of a candida infection, and small changes such as limiting sugar intake and using natural dietary aids to level off your blood sugar levels can reduce candida symptoms, get you healthy again, and beat this systemic infection.

  • Xerostomia
  • Endocrine Dysfunction
  • Immunosuppression
  • Medication such as overuse of antibiotics:
    Antibiotics are a big cause because they remove the natural good bacteria in the gut allowing bad bacteria such as candida to thrive. If you are wondering how often is too much antibiotics, I would say it is not advisable to take more than one course per couple of years so as to keep you in the safe range. Any more courses might put one in big risk of candida. To prevent such a big impact from antibiotics in the future make sure to take a good probiotic at the same time.

  • Trauma(Chronic irritation)

  • Blood diseases


    • Genital itching
    • Itching and burning eyes
    • White Coat Tongue
    • Itching skin and rashes
    • Severe swelling of the vagina characterised by swollen anus and purple color of vulva
    • Pain during urination
    • Painful skin cracks due to extreme dryness of the vagina and vulva areas
    • General fatigue and lethargy
    • Waliking difficulties
    • Scratching of the area causing bloody exudation
    • Bleeding and swelling of hemorrhoid veins
    • Difficulties having sexual intercourse 


Vaginal yeast infection or Candida albican is a friendly yeast that lives in the large bowel, it feeds the good bacteria that help our bodies to stay healthy. If these good bacteria are compromised (for example, killed off through the use of antibiotics, oral contraceptives, steroids or following prolonged illness or stressful life events) then the digestive system will  not be balanced again. As the Candida Albicans are not being consumed in the gut, one can experience an overgrowth causing chronic Candidiasis.This overgrowth in the bowel  leads to Candida Albicans mutating into a parasitic fungus that can have numerous adverse effects on overall health.
According to Ryan KJ and  Sherris Medical Microbiology (4th ed.). McGraw Hill,”To infect host tissue, the usual unicellular yeast-like form of C. albicans reacts to environmental cues and switches into an invasive, multicellular filamentous forms”.    According to research in  order to grow, Candida Albicans generally trigger a craving for certain foods that feed it such as sugar and pasteurised cows milk products. Given time, the mutated fungal stage of Candida can even penetrate through the bowel wall  thereby  causing various symptoms
      Keep fresh fruit to a minimum such as one apple or pear a day plus one kiwi (Kiwi’s are highly beneficial and contain far more vitamin C that oranges)
      No over-ripe fruit, dried fruit, bananas, melons, or grapes. The natural sugar level in these is too high.
      No carton or bottled fruit juices
      No sugar, honey or artificial chemical sweeteners
      No food additives
      No processed food.
      No cow’s milk or cow’s milk products including  butter
      No alcohol
      No margarine, heated oils / fats, hydrogenated fats. These compromise the immune system. If you want the occasional fried food use olive oil or coconut oil, use a very low heat and keep a lid on the pan. Include some vegetable (i.e. onions) in the pan to provide plenty of water vapour to keep the temperature of the oil as low as possible. Burnt food, especially oils are immuno-suppressive and toxic.
      No wheat or wheat products including bread, cakes, biscuits, flour and so on (except for non-yeasted spelt wheat bread)
      Only occasional tea and no coffee. Peppermint  or  Aloe Blossom Herbal Tea is a good alternative.
      Keep all carbohydrates low for the first 3 months, includes all root vegetables such as carrots,  potato, sweet potato. For example one small serving of potato or carrot daily maximum.
      No microwave cooked food as this weakens the immune system.
      No tap water without filtering; the chlorine in tap water can turn healthy nutrients into cancer encouraging chemicals.
Primarily, we recommend  the following nutritional and organic medicine because of its effectiveness. So the natural remedy to eliminate Candida Albican infection  menace is the powerful combination of   BERRY NECTAR+BEE PROPOLIS+GARLIC-THYME +ECHINCAE SUPREME which we call “BBGE COMBINATION THERAPY”! 

     It is a general body tonic, that helps replenishes lost vital nutrients(ammino acid,vitamins,mineral e.t.c).It is an elixir of life!
     Contains more than 200 nutritional compound
     Detoxifies the entire body system off toxin protecting the cells,tissues and organs(strong antioxidant)
     It aids rejuvenation
     It is a natural immunomodulator and immunostimulator i.e it helps to regulate and boost the immune system
      Natural source of energy
     Cleanses the entire urinary tract system,prevents  the Candida albican infection from adhering to bladder cells and enhances the cleaning functions of kidneys,bladder and skin
     It is a natural source of flavonoids;oligomeric proanthocyanidins(OPC) which makes it a powerful antioxidant against the free radicals  caused by Candida Albican
DOSAGE:30ml 30min before meal 3times daily or 40ml 30 min before meal in the morning and night
Benefits:Bee Propolis is a bee hive product.Reseach has shown  its effectiveness against 15 strains of the antibiotic resistants MRSA.Propolis contains 150 complex compounds including many different bioflavonoids known for there  strong anti-infectve properties.Ref:
                     •  Natural and powerful antibiotic an excellent aid against Staph aureus   infections
                     •Also enhances the immune functions
                     DOSAGE: 1 tab 2times daily 30mins before meal-Morning & Evening

 Garlic has been used for 5,000 years medicinaly in Egypt  and Romans have used it for        different infections.Garlic otherwise known as Alium Sativum is a  very good natural antibiotic. What causes the burning sensaton in it is called Alicin and when crushed and ingested the body mechanism turn it to Ajoene ,Garlic is anti bacteria,antifungal and antiviral .We humans are natural and natural therapy helps our health much better.Study has shown its effectiveness against different strains of Candida  Albican infection
     Garlic-Thyme:The two powerful antioxidant;combine to create a great tool in maintaining good health.It also contains many sulphur compounds,which gives it its healing properties.
     It detoxifies the body system and fights against vaginal yeast  infection by enhancing immune function
     It has been formed into a an odourless soft gel capsules thereby eliminating the odour
DOSAGE: 1 tab 3 times daily 30mins before meal
 According to herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner in his 1999 book,”Herbal Antibiotics:Natutal Alternatives for Treating Drug Resistant Bacteria and other viral and fungal infections. ”Echinacea  species are perennial praire herbs  native to North America which has long history of its effectiveness against Candida Albican infection  due to its ability  to stimulate  white blood cells of the immune system.
       Benefits:It helps to support immune function;thereby preventing any infection of the immune   system.It is strongly antifungal and antiviral.
 DOSAGE: 1 tab 2 times daily 30mins before meal-Morning & Evening
How Do You Know If Candida Albican infection is Gone?
It has been found out  that most people with Candida Albican infection  can rid themselves of it within 60-90 days of taking the combination of the ”BBGE Combination Therapy”. Not because they had a blood test to tell them but they know because of how they feel. They know because they feel fantastic and know they will never allow themselves to get back to where they were before they got the infection the first time.
Some take more time, some take less. The trick is to build up your energy and immune system to better than it was before the infection took hold!.
The total  BBGE Combination Therapy comprises of:
3 BERRY NECTAR:3,000 ml which is needed to last for 30 days.Price:-N10,400. ( 57.77 USD).
BEE PROPOLIS:60 Capsules is needed for 30 days.Price:-N4,500. (25 USD). 
GARLIC-THYME:100 Capsule  is needed  for 30 days.Price:-N3,500(19.4USD). 
ECHINACEA SUPREME:60 Capsule is needed for 30 days.Price:-N3,300(18.33 USD). Total Price is N21,800 (121.111 USD). 
For those interested in ordering for the BBGE Therapy from any part of the country(Nigeria) pay the total sum of N21,800 with courier charge of N2,000  for home delivery totaling N23,800 to: 

We use FEDEX,Courier Master,NIPOST or Way Bill Transport Service.It will be delivered to you within 2-4 working Days. 
After payment send your Full name,Amount Paid,Date of Payment,Teller No ,Full address and contact numbers to +2348030424466. 
For those living within Lagos State,you can locate us at our Head Office: Allen Junction,Ikeja,Right Diet & Lifestyle Int’l,FLP Complex
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