There are about 40 sub-groups (for example Staphylococcus Epidermis, Staphylococcus aureus, Staphylococcus Lugdunensis, etc.) and other Staphylococcus Sub Species.

Staph is usually treatable with antibiotics. Not all Staph is necessarily bad.

For example, Staphylococcus Epidermis is on the skin. It is expected to be there. It is part of the normal skin make-up.

Staphylococcus fits into a group of bacteria called “L.A.B.” This stands for Lactic Acid Bacteria. Lactic Acid Bacteria are very common. In fact, yogurt is a Lactic Acid Bacteria. We have it in our stomachs and intestines.


Lactic Acid Bacteria are very simple to understand because they do the same thing over and over. They assimilate (eat) glucose, or sugar and it really doesn’t matter what kind of sugar.They gobble up sugar all day long and when they are done the by product is Lactic Acid. Very simple.



So,Staphylococcus bacteria is a type of Lactic Acid Bacteria. Something else interesting is that it has another byproduct called Uric Acid. As early as the 1930s and way back then they knew Staphylococcus eats sugar and produces Lactic and Uric acids. Up until now we have been talking about “Staphylococcus” not “Staphylococcus aureus.”

Staphylococcus aureus commonly colonizes the nostrils,the rest of the respiratory tract,open wounds and  the urinary  tract…


Below are the common risk factors for Staphylococcus

* People with weak or compromised immune system
* Cancer Patients
* Diabetics




When Staphylococcus aureus infection is not properly managed it can lead to:

* Low Sperm count in male


* Reduction in the male sexual reproduction organ

*Watery Seminal fluid

*It might even lead to death






Staphylococcus aureus is the meaner older brother and not as treatable with antibiotics. It has a very improved ability to protect itself against the immune system & resist antibiotics such as:

Methicillin,Penicillin,Augmentin,Offloxacin,Dicloxacillin,Nafcillin,Oxacillin,Cephalosporins,Vancomycin e.t.c.

It has secret weapons: Two enzymes that make it unique.

To unlock the mysteries of MRSA we must understand these two secret weapons.

Are you ready?

One enzyme is called Coagulase and the other is Catalase.

Coagulase is easy to remember because it is the same as coagulation of the blood (this is one way doctors know how to identify Staphylococcus aureus



It coagulates the blood around it.

Catalase is the real secret weapon. Catalase is what makes MRSA so dangerous.

We’ll get to that in a moment, just remember that Catalase is the KEY!.

Our immune system is one of the incredible wonders of life.

When our immune system snaps into action it’s at a faster pace and has more drama than any movie you have ever seen. Immediately, the immune system killer T cells go to work.

Our killer T cells are like little military hummers. These killer T cells have two guns on top to kill germs, bacteria, and virus.

One is Hydrogen Peroxide. They actually produce—on demand—Hydrogen Peroxide.


The other is Nitric Oxide.

These are the two defense systems. Now, as humans, we’re “aerobic,” meaning we live in a high oxygen environment.If you disagree, hold your breath!

Our immune system actually kills invaders with oxygen using Hydrogen Peroxide and Nitric Oxide. As humans we live on oxygen and our immune system defends us with oxygen.

What a scene! We have a robot-like invader gobbling up sugar while the killer T cell hummers are rushing in with guns blazing and firing big globs of HydrogenPeroxide and Nitric Oxide.

Parts of the bacteria are dying off and floating away in the blood and the killer T cells are also dying.

So how is Staphylococcus aureus able to defend itself in such a hostile environment?

For example, if a different Lactic Acid Bacteria found its way into the blood, the Killer T cells would kill it in no time at all.

So what makes Staphylococcus aureus so tough?

It’s the enzyme Catalase. “Catalase is a common enzyme found in nearly all living organisms that are exposed to oxygen, where it functions to catalyze  the decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide to water and oxygen.

Catalase has one of the highest turnover numbers of all enzymes.

ne molecule of catalase can convert 40 million molecules of Hydrogen Peroxide to water and oxygen each second.”


Did you catch that? Catalase can convert 40 million molecules of Hydrogen Peroxide to water and oxygen each second. Wow! That means it speedily renders the weapon of our immune system useless.

Our Killer T cells Are at a Huge Disadvantage in This Fight



Of course, our body has another defense system, which is to turn up the temperature.

Our second danger is Sepsis.

This is also known as Septic shock.

If history has taught us anything it’s that war is expensive and war is dirty.This infection is no exception.

Staphylococcus is toxic to the body so as it grows and multiplies, it is dying off at the same time.

It travels into the blood stream as toxic garbage while at the same time our fallen heroes (the white blood cells that have now spent their usefulness) go into the bloodstream.

Sepsis is a loosely defined term that basically means your blood has become toxic, inflamed, and full of garbage thereby resulting in different symptoms such as:

Painful boils,






Cardiovascular challenges e.t.c

Septic shock is just that… it’s the point where your blood is toxic and your body goes into shock.

Your liver and your kidneys cannot keep up with the job of cleaning that is required, so they become overwhelmed.

There’s not much a doctor can do, he can give fluids and hope for the best.

Let’s end this story on a good note and say that the antibiotics the doctor chose works and the immune system in combination with the antibiotic gets the upper hand on the bacteria and the bacteria is killed off.

Yeah, the good guys win! Eventually the fever will come back down and the liver and kidneys will be able to clean up the garbage and then the body will return to normal.

It’s a happy ending to a very scary story.

Every MRSA infection is different. What do I mean? Most people never go through a dangerous fever and most people never go through sepsis.

How can that be?




Let’s start another scenario. This time let’s take an average, everyday guy who then acquires a strange looking rash.

It bothers him enough that he finally goes to the doctor to have it checked out.

The doctor tells him it doesn’t look good, then takes a culture of it and sends the man home with some oral antibiotics.

A few days later the doctor calls him to let him know that the test results came back positive for Staphylococcus aureus.

This man–and most doctors–are thinking his MRSA is just on the skin.

Here is the mistake:

There is 90% odds that the same battle will happen inside him but his immune system  quickly gave up, ran up the white flag, threw in the towel, and hardly even put up a fight.

When it comes to a boil, a rash, open sore, or folliculitis, the dangerous part is thinking that what you can see on the skin is the problem when in fact it’s just the tip of the iceberg.

People and doctors mistakenly think that it can be solved by making the rash go away either with topical antibiotics or a combination of topical antibiotics and oral antibiotics.

Not true… not true at all!

Most doctors feel that the oral antibiotics are simply a precaution, just in case the bacteria gets inside.

Staphylococcus aureus is a blood-borne bacteria and with something like a rash, folliculitis, a boil or any other common skin problem, the chance of it being inside in the blood is very high. (Sorry thave to break this news to you.)

The question must be asked, “Why would one person’s immune system put up such a hard fight that it would create sepsis and a fever and another person hardly knew that they were sick?

Maybe they had a mild flu or even just a slight fever before their immune system gave up and submitted to the assimilation by MRSA(Multiple Drug Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus)


Why Some People Get MRSA, Why Some People Don’t:



200 years ago everybody ate mostly organic foods fresh vegetables,fruits which makes them more healthy than people of nowadays.

There was no soda, coffee wasn’t available to the general public and there was nothing known as non-organic because there were no fertilizers or ways to puff up chickens and cows nice and fat so they look healthy but inside are nutritionally starved.

200 years ago sugar had not made the devastating impact on society that it has now.You must admit we live in a different world today!

Coffee:tea, wine, alcohol, and soda are everyday necessities for most people.

The foods we eat have literally had acid added to them which is called “hydrogenation.”

This keeps them from going bad so fast. Also, the foods we eat came from nutritionally stripped soil and had been pumped up by chemical fertilizers to make them look beautiful even though they are nutritionally empty.

How about stress? Do I really need to go on about stress?

Are you stressed? It seems like everybody in the world is moving faster and stress is compounding. I have found that most of my clients will say they had extra stress of some kind before an outbreak.

Let me explain exactly how these things create an MRSA infection.


We have learned we have Lactic Acid Bacteria in our intestines. All of those bacteria in our intestines gobble up sugar, then they convert that sugar into

Lactic Acid, literally acidifying our intestinal tracts.Our stomachs are acidic  but as soon as the food passes from our stomach to the small intestine, the liver and gall bladder inject bile into the mixture of food that the stomach softened.

Bile is very alkaline and our intestines and the bacteria that live in them need a very specific acid/alkaline balance to thrive.

If it becomes too acidic, then the only bacteria that can thrive are the ones that live in an acidic environment and now we can’t get the nutrition from our food because the miracle called our digestive tract is out of whack.

Our brains are screaming for nutrition, so we eat more (nutrient-stripped) food because we’re hungry and tired.

It’s easy to make bad food choices when you’re hungry and tired. Yet this only proves to make the problem worse.


Beverages are easy to understand since coffee, tea, soda, alcohol and everything you can name  is acidic.

When any liquid is acidic it simply means that there  is more hydrogen in the liquid than oxygen.


That’s what pH stands for: It Is percentage or parts hydrogen.

pH is a measurement of hydrogen… that’s all.

There is a lot of misinformation about pH, but truly understanding pH is your key to never fearing MRSA again.

Think of  how profound this thought is… to be healthy,  full of life and have a strong immune system, we need to be full of oxygen.

The more hydrogen that is in our bodies, the less room there is for oxygen.

We live in a world that shoves acid (hydrogen) down our throats faster than any time in human history.

The more  Acid or Full of Hydrogen we are, the weaker our Killer T Cells will Be Remember.

The guns that our killer T cells shoot the bad guys with use oxygen (Hydrogen Peroxide and Nitric Oxide) so instead of a cannon, they have squirt guns to fight  with.

The body turns to its alkaline minerals to buffer the acidity but we have stripped them out of our food as well.

We’re on a crazy train and wonder why we get sick, then blame the doctor for not giving us a magic pill to make it all go away.

Let me ask you something and this may be a bit of a harsh reality check for you…


Let’s say you get on an elevator and another person on the elevator is sick and coughing. Later that day you come down with a cold… who’s fault is it? Is it your fault or the person that got on the elevator with the cold?

If you take responsibility for your own life and your own health you would say it’s your fault for getting sick.

Why? Because there is only one person in the world responsible for you and your  health and that’s you.

You are responsible for what you think and how you deal with stress and for what you put in your mouth.


Are you ready for the true cause of Staph infection? We have heard from several people and they have every reason under the sun as to how they contracted MRSA.

They got it from the gym, they got it from someone cooking dinner, they got it from a relative, they got it from the hospital, and the list goes on.

But let’s consider this scenario..How can you have a husband and wife and let’s say for example the husband has horrible terrible MRSA open wounds for several years while the wife–who sleeps in the same bed and showers in the same shower– never has the slightest sign of catching MRSA?

The answer is some people are just more prone to get MRSA than others.

The reason they are more prone is the acid/alkaline hydrogen/oxygen balance in their body!




We eat foods and drink beverages and live our lives in a way that is not natural!

This bacteria has not changed, true it has mutated and become resistant to our antibiotics but that does not mean it has changed its general nature.

It still eats sugar, produces Lactic Acid and makes more bacteria.

The fermenting process mentioned earlier requires a low oxygen environment. What does that mean?

A Quick Lesson About pH That You Need to Learn

Let’s say you have a glass of water that has a pH of exactly 7.

This means it is  completely neutral. It has two hydrogens and one oxygen.

The pH scale goes from 0 to 14 with 7 in the middle.

Now you take a cap of vinegar (vinegar is very acidic) and pour it into the water.When you check the pH (remember you’re only looking at the “percentage of hydrogen”) it will be lower–let’s say a six.

All that means is now the percentage of hydrogen is higher. It may seem a little backwards  but that number reads lower. Every number lower is 10 times the previous number so a 5 pH would be 100 times more acidic than a 7 pH and a 4 pH would  be 1000 times more acidic than a seven.

There’s no need to get into mind bending chemistry here. I just want you to know that the more acid that is in a liquid, the more hydrogen is in there.

The opposite is true too. If you have water and add alkaline minerals, now you have more oxygen and less hydrogen. This is important because this exact same thing is going on in the human body.

We are adding hydrogen to our bodies like never before in human history and as I previously mentioned, food, stress, sugar, and beverages are the cause of MRSA!

It is funny and absurd to find  online that talks about “frequent hand washing” as a way to prevent MRSA.

This is pure ignorance. There’s no way to avoid it. You will come into contact with this bacteria thousands of times.

If your blood is full of hydrogen and low in oxygen, your killer T cells’ guns won’t work at all. On the day Staphylococcus aureus shows up and finds its way into your blood stream or on your skin, if the environment is very acidic then the oxygen levels will be low.

Therefore, it’s easy for the bacteria to ferment sugars and start to replicate sooner and faster.

At the same time your little army men are at a tremendous disadvantage because their guns just don’t work. The oxygen in the Hydrogen Peroxide and Nitric

Oxide get gobbled up by the surrounding blood.The results are they can fire their guns but their shots just don’t seem to hit. At the same time Staphylococcus aureus is stronger because it’s in an environmentthat suits its needs better, it can defend itself better, and you my friendwill find yourself on the losing end of battle.


Being in a condition called Lactic Acidosis is a lot like being in quicksand. As you know, with quicksand you can struggle and struggle and yet never seem to break free.It’s incredibly difficult to break free of Lactic Acidosis.

Doctors have nothing to stop the tremendous amounts of Lactic Acid build-up inside the human body. Every minute of every day, this bacteria is gobbling up sugar and producing more.

So how could you ever possibly hope to dig yourself out of the hole called Lactic

What about food? There are some people that have eaten nothing but raw organic food for two years since they were diagnosed with MRSA and yet they still have MRSA.

You can’t get out of Lactic Acidosis with food because you have millions or trillions of tiny Lactic Acid factories pumping out Lactic Acid every minute of every day. Even the best food can’t stop that. We need to not only get out of Lactic Acidosis, but get back to a stronger position than when we started. Strong enough and so full of oxygen that the human body can literally oxidize and kill the bacteria.


What is  needed is to tilt the of acidity scale to the alkaline scale and keep it tilted in the right direction until his Killer T cells can not only destroy the bacteria, but be strong enough to keep it away in the future.

That’s why doctors say, “if you have MRSA once you will always have it.” I say if they would come out of the stone age and address the problem (Lactic Acid), anybody can be MRSA-free for life!

You need to remember the reason why you got MRSA. It’s because you have lived in a world of poisonous food and a severe lack of nutrition. Once you become MRSA-free, it’s your job to make up for lost nutrition. It’s a total shift in the way we see the world.First things first, how do you get out of Lactic Acidosis? The short answer is you remove hydrogen… a lot of hydrogen!

A person with MRSA is basically a toxic hydrogen bomb. They are full of extra hydrogen or free radicals or toxins.

So the natural remedy to this Staph infection menace is the powerful combination of  BERRY NECTAR+BEE PROPOLIS+GARLIC-THYME +ECHINCAE SUPREME which we call “BBGE COMBINATION THERAPY”!  





·It is a general body tonic, that helps replenishes lost vital nutrients(ammino acid,vitamins,mineral e.t.c)

.It is an elixir of life!

·Contains more than 200 nutritionally compound

·Detoxifies the entire body system off toxins(Lactic acid,uric acid & sepsis caused by staph

aureus),protecting the cells,tissues and organs(strong antioxidant)

·It aids rejuvenation

·It is a natural immunomodulator and immuno stimulator i.e it helps to regulate and boost the immune system

·Natural source of energy

·Cleanses the entire urinary tract system,prevents the Staph bacteria from adhering to bladder cells and enhances the cleaning functions of kidneys,bladder and skin

·It is a natural source of flavonoids;oligomeric proanthocyanidins(OPC) which makes it a powerful antioxidant against the free radicals caused by Staph aureus

:30ml 30min before meal 3times daily or 40ml 30 min before meal in the morning and night



Benefits:Bee Propolis is a bee hive product.Reseach has shown  its effectiveness against 15 strains of the antibiotic resistants MRSA.Propolis contains 150 complex compounds including many different bioflavonoids known for there strong anti-infectve properties
• Natural and powerful antibiotic an excellent aid against Staph aureus infections

•Also enhances the immune functions

DOSAGE: 1 tab 2times daily 30mins before meal-Morning & Evening



Garlic has been used for 5,000 years medicinaly in Egypt and Romans have used

it for different infections.Garlic otherwise known as Alium Sativum is a  very good

natural antibiotic. What causes the burning sensaton in it is called Alicin and when

crushed and ingested the body mechanism turn it to Ajoene ,Garlic is anti bacteria .

We humans are natural and natural therapy helps our health much better.Study has shown its effectiveness against different strains of Staphylococcus aureus.



The two powerful antioxidant;combine to create a great tool in maintaining good

health.It also contains many sulphur compounds,which gives it its healing properties
·It detoxifies the body system and fights against Staph aureus infection by enhancing immune function

·It has been formed into a an odourless soft gel capsules thereby eliminating the odour

:1 tab 3 times daily 30mins before meal



According to herbalist Stephen Harrod Buhner in his 1999 book,”Herbal Antibiotics:Natutal Alternatives for Treating Drug Resistant Bacteria”Echinacea species are perennial praire herbs native to North America which has long history of its effectiveness against Staph aureus due to its ability to stimulate white blood cells of the immune system.

*It helps to support immune function;thereby preventing any infection of the immune   system.

*It has strong antibacterial functions

DOSAGE: 1 tab 2 times daily 30mins before meal-Morning & Evening

The problem is that MRSA blood tests are not accurate. The best time to take a blood sample to test for MRSA is when the patient is near or in sepsis.

What I’m saying is, it’s frustrating. If you want to know if you are 100% MRSA-free you can take a blood test, but it will probably come back negative because MRSA is hard to detect in the blood.

It has been found out  that most of the people with Staph aureus infection can rid themselves of MRSA within 60-90 days of taking the combination of the ”BBGE Combination Therapy”. Not because they had a blood test to tell them but they know because of how they feel. They know because they feel fantastic and know they will never allow themselves to get back to where they were before they got MRSA the first time.Some take more time, some take less. The trick is to build up your energy and immune system to better than it was before the infection took hold!.


The total  BBGE Combination Therapy comprises of:
3 ALOE GEL/POMESTEEN POWER/BERRY NECTAR:3 Litres is needed to last for 30 days. 

BEE PROPOLIS:60 Capsules is needed for 30 days.

GARLIC-THYME:100 Capsule is needed for 30 days. 

IMMUBLEND:60 Capsule is needed for 30 dys.







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