How to permanently cleanse and detoxify the body from infections
Chronic diseases and other microbial infections are not caused by any one thing;they are generally the result of a combination of internal toxins,external toxins,malnutrition,stressful living and many other factors.

Due to the influx of toxins into our body system through the inorganic foods,toxin laden drinks we indulge in daily & several other environmental pollutions  it is necessary we undergoe detoxification and cleansing of our body system.

Almost  all non-organically grown food produce may be tainted with pesticides,herbicides,parasites and chemicals.These toxins and microbes find their way into our food supply & into our bodies.If we continually eat processed foods,we welcome a host of  chemicals into our body including  synthetic dyes,flavoring agents,chemical preservatives,emulsifiers,texturizers,humectants,ripening gases,bleaching agents & sugar substitutes like aspartame.From research according to Dr Don Colbert most chemical food additives are usually made from petroleum or coal tar products.
When your body can’t break down a toxin or dispose of it properly,it usually stores it in fatty tissues which include the brain,breast and prostate gland.These “love handles” around our waist may actually be toxin storage sites!Toxins may also trigger inflammation which is the main cause of heart disease,Alzheimer’s, arthritis,asthma and many other diseases including various microbial infection.
Highly toxic people are open to many disorders uch as :

·         Chronic Fatigue
·         Heart Disease
·         Memory Loss
·         Premature Aging
·         Skin Disorders
·         Arthritis
·         Hormonal Imbalance
·         Headacches
·         Anxiety
·         Emotional Disorders
·         Cancers
·         Microbial Infections
·         Autoimmune Disorders

Hence,Detoxification is the body’s natural process of neutralizing toxins and preparing them for elimination from the body through the actions of the liver,kidney,bowels,lungs and sweat glands in the skin.Detoxification  helps to get  rid of the body potentially harmful chemicals as well as improving the function of  important elimination organs.It is vital for people under stress,low energy level,infections,low immunity,allergies,headaches,itching,
dull skin,poor concentration.
Detox has many benefits including improved health,improved immunity,clearer skin.

Most people are toxic to some degree.Everyone has toxins stored in his or her body.It is similar to forgetting to taking the trash cans  out and the garbage piles up in your garage.Your  house trash can eventually overflow and the stench worsens.You feel sick just walking near them.After  few weeks  the smell of the garbage is so bad that you can even smell it inside the house.
That is a similar picture of what happens in your body when you take in toxins but don’t get rid of them.Our body has a waste management team  designed by God to take out its own trash and to detoxify the body.These team include

·         COLON
·         LUNGS
·         SKIN(…which according to the medical field has been called “the third kidney” because it is able to release toxins such as pesticide,solvents,heavy metals,urea & lactic acid from the body )
·         LYMPHATICS
·         LIVER

These team keep us healthy when they function properly.But like a city that neglects its trash removal and like a vehicles engine part that is not periodically and properly “serviced” our body can eventually become overwhelmed with toxins.That is what it means  to be toxic.
*Single Dietary Changes;If you like fast for a day or  two at the beginning. It is best to avoid a true water only fast or eat  a simple  diet of organic.
*Taking a variety of vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements is very helpful in soothing the elimination of toxins.
*While cleansing the body they can help to improve general nutrition, correct  dietary deficiencies, support the body’s natural detoxification of the system.
The main aim of detoxification is to cleanse your body of toxins as possible.To do this you need to encourage the renewal of toxins already in the system and to reduce the level of toxins intake.

* Juice Fasting
* Drinking plenty of fluids to water soluble toxins through kidney
*Going organic
*Reducing exposure to a variety of potentially harmful

       Our C9 Nutritional Cleansing Program is a 9 days detoxification therapy that has been specially designed and developed to help in thorough cleansing of the entire body system of accumulated toxin build up over the years from any form of chronic diseases.It helps in enhancing and aiding  the function of the waste management team of organs in the body.Our  C9 is an award winning,high quality products with international certification and recognized in over 159 countries worldwide.

     The C9 Nutritional Cleansing Pack contains:
·         Two Bottles(2,000 ml) of Aloe Barbadensis Miller Gel
·         1 Pouch of Forever Lite Ultra Shake Vanilla/Chocolate
·         Forever Therm
·         Forever Fibre
·         Garcinia Cambogia Plus
·         Detoxification Manual.
ALOE BARBADENSIS MILLER GEL:It detoxifies the entire body systems of toxins.It contains more than 200 nutritional compounds.This is a general body tonic that replenishes lost vital nutrients.It increases feelings of vitality and increases flexibility.Cleanses the entire digestive system including the colon due to the presence of saponin.It is a natural healer and a natural immunomodulator.
FOREVER LITE ULTRA SHAKE VANILLA/CHOCOLATE:This is an integral part of the C9 Nutritional Pack with Aminotein that contains abundance of vitamins,ammino acids,minerals and fibres.It also contains powerful antioxidants,beta carotene and Vitamin E that helps  in over all health.
FOREVER THERM:Forever Therm contains Green Tea extract,Guarana seeds,Green Coffe,Rasberry ketones all these help as an antioxidants and natural alkaloids.It also contains B Vitamins and Vitamin C known for strengthening the immune system.
FOREVER FIBRE:Forever Fibre is a proprietary blend  of four types of fiber and offers a conveneient way to add fibre to our diet.Scientist now recognize that up to 70% or 80% of immune function in the body is associated with  the gastrointestinal tract.Fibre has been found to help support immune system via its benefits for digestive functions.
GARCINIA CAMBOGIA PLUS:This is an organic supplements made from pumpkin shaped fruit that contains Hydroxycitric acid(HCA),Chrommium Picolinate that breaks down sugar,MCT and Safflower Oil for healthy cardiovascular system,healthy skin and energy production for the body cells.
Our C9 nutritional program has the following benefits:
·         Detoxify,cleanses and nourishes the entire body system.
·         It helps in feeling better and looking better in just 9 days
·         It is an immune booster
·         It helps to boost and improve men and women fertility and reproductive health generally
·         It balances the body hormone
·         It is highly recommended for those with long term CHRONIC MICROBIAL INFECTION(..infection has the tendency of staying long in a woman’s  body system & later cause womb blockage & discharge later in life hence the need for detox program)with its associated several symptoms
·         Improves  sexual performance
·         It also makes the skin glow and radiate as a result of the detoxificiation process.
For those interested in ordering for the C9 Nutritional Cleansing Pack from any part of the country(Nigeria) pay the total sum of N21,500  into the account below.The C9  Nutritonal Pack comes with Free Home Delivery via FEDEX.
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After sending the mail the simple procedure will be sent to you.If your country is not listed we will love to assist you on how to purchase the products.Our parent company is in over 159 countries worldwide

NOTE:It is highly recommended  for those with long term  CHRONIC MICROBIAL INFECTIONto undergoe this program first before going for the BBGE Natural Therapy or any other recommendations so as to  get optimum result.To get more details about the BBGE Natural Therapy >>CLICK HERE>>


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