This article is written to help you in  your quest to become more healthier
 If you love sugar,cake,sweet things,chocolates,Coca Cola,Fanta,Pepsi,Lemon,Zero Coke(You can even drink 1 to 2 cans a day)
All these foods are extremely high in sugar.
Not only that…
They are very harmful to your health.
You need to make a conscious effort to

ditch these sugary foods.
It might be hard and difficult.
But you see, I discovered that, if you really want

to live long….
If you want to reduce your risk of *infection*
If you want to ensure you don’t get belly fat. 
You know the type that a lot of men carry around?
Then you must cut off these sweet foods from your

Yes, as a wellnes & weight managent coach, I follow my healthy

eating advice too.
If not, I would be very unhealthy too.
And that is why I want to encourage you as well..
If you are currently eating unhealthy sweet food

that are loaded with sugar.
You need to stop it right away.
Yes…I know. You are probably addicted right?
Let me show you how you can overcome your sugar habits!
Here are the four things you can do:
1.Cut down how much sweet things you eat into

half the first week. 
If you are use to drinking1 coke every day. Reduce it

to 3 times weekly, and then 1 time weekly and then

2.Stop buying sweet things to stock in the

Never stock your house with orange juice, Ice-cream

chocolate, cake, coke etc 

3. Replace coke with lemon water. You will love it.

You can replace cake with healthier fruits. 
4. Whenever you cheat on your sugary habit.Get back

on track and repeat step 1 – 3.

If you want to get result with your healthy lifestyle, you will need to cut down on your sugar habit too.
I hope these steps will be of great help to you and help you cut your addiction.
Try it, and you will get the result.

Aderemi Aribalusi

_Wellness & Weight Management Coach_


  1. Thanks a lot for your good advice. I will surely follow your instruction. Could you just give us a start chart to reduce fat belly and loose weight. I will be very gradeful.

    Kind regards,

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