Initially, my problem was really Low Blood Pressure.  


It was being handled by a doctor as if it was not any major health challenge, until real problem struck.  


One morning, in 2013, I had got ready for work and was standing in front of our full mirror when I fell and couldn't get up on my own.  


Thank God, my neighbor heard the sound of my fall.


She organized for my being taken to the hospital, since my husband had  traveled just that morning before my fall.  


The story is that he came visiting me in the hospital as I had been kept there for more monitoring. 


Is it not very strange  I was diagnosed of High Blood Pressure!



This shocked me and even my new doctor who knew my history of Low BP.  


The Doctor placed me on some drugs and told me I was in the "endangered" group.  



From then, the High Blood Pressure was being managed.  


I was periodically placed on different kinds of drugs.


First, it was Norvasc. Over time, my mouth started getting very dry.  



It got so dry that I couldn't produce spittle.


When I went to my Doctor, oh there were screams, "it has dried her up.


Looks like you have developed Diabetes."



 I was sent for series of tests. My blood sugar was not raised. I was then told to stop the Norvasc for a week. I did.  



 They found out my BP had gone up very much. The drug was not changed.   


Just a few months later, my heart started palpitating very badly.


I was referred to one of the very good hospitals in the country.  



They found out what, but did not treat it let alone cure it.



Two years later, I traveled to the US and was sent for  "complete Physicals."


I told them about the very bad experience with my heart.



 But, by that time, the palpitations had stopped.  


Another minor complication was detected.  


They said time could take care of that.  



They increased the strength of the Norvasc  to 10mg and added another drug - Lisinopril.  



 So, I began to take 2 different drugs.



By 2015, one of my legs got so swollen that I was sent for an x-ray to see whether I broke my leg (maybe in a dream!).


The bone was OK. Yet, I couldn't put on shoes anymore.  



 So? That was how they started suspecting that my heart  had a problem.  



Some months later, in 2016, the palpitations came back. 


This time around, heavier than before!


The heart specialist in Nigeria, put me on a drug that made my head shake and my hearing poor.  


I felt, generally, very much out of sorts.  



The doctor told me there was danger.


Of course, my husband arranged for me to travel back to the US.  



 This time around, I was taken to two different hospitals.    



The Verdict:  


1.The doctors in Nigeria didn't find out I was reacting to Norvasc. That was instrumental to the initial dry mouth, the palpitations, and the leg swelling.  


 2. The drug the heart specialist gave me was then being used mainly on horses in the US - no more for human beings!    


3. My heart was already damaged a little, but could come back to shape with a lot of care.    


  My drugs were changed. I was placed on Micardis.  


They told me, my body is so sensitive that I could really treat myself.


It gives me signals regarding what drug is suitable for it.


They told me to change the Micardis whenever I felt uncomfortable with it.  


In 2016, I changed from Micardis to Rosart.   In all these, I could never sleep well even if I took sedatives.    


But, by late 2016, I took some ALOE OF AMERICA WELLNESS HBP PACK products  religiously.    


I was still taking my BP drugs.  


However, I noticed that even if I missed taking my BP drugs, I never felt bad as I used to.  


Oh, previously, if I missed taking my BP drugs for one day, I was in for trouble.  

It would mean my being really sick and increasing the dosage to bring the BP down to manageable stage or even a visit to the doctor!  

But, whilst on the BP Solution Pack, I realized I could miss the drugs for even two days at a stretch and wouldn't feel any bad.


One day, however, I took the drugs in the morning, forgot I took them and took again in the night.  


Hmmmmm. I prayed and prayed this wouldn't affect my system.  


When I woke up healthy, I just needed my friend to say the needed words,


"Stop the drugs." I stopped all drugs since then till date.  


Yes, I stopped the drugs and took Only the BP Solution Pack.  


  My BP has normalized.


I was very pleasantly shocked when I went to a completely different specialist doctor who didn't know my story and when they took my vital signs, my BP was 115/65!   Noooo!!!  


I told them to bring another sphygmomanometer.


They didn't quite know why I was being friendly but insistent.  


They obliged me, anyway, took another reading and it was 110/65!!! Just like that?


Unbelievably true!!!  


My heart is no more palpitating strongly and steadily any more: my legs are no more swollen; constant headaches have ceased; and much of the body aches and pains are gone!


Yes, the BP Solution Pack really works!!!   I now sleep so well it's unbelievable!   -Prof. Mrs Ada    


~Hypertension Solution Pack ~

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