Discover How to Naturally Treat Infertillity in Women

There are many benefits of Fertility Cleanse/Detox that many trying to conceive are not aware of. A lot has been heard of  cleansing from one place to another, maybe it was
about cleansing your colon or detoxifying your liver. While it may
seem like a new information, cleansing has been around for thousands of years,
used by the Japanese, Egyptians and Native Americans.

Cleansing has been a natural way to keep the body healthy and is one of the most beneficial things to do before getting pregnant.The first step to Fertility and Hormonal Imbalace is DETOX.The time for the preparation for conception is one of the most important times to create a healthy body in preparation for pregnancy.

It is also the best time to do a Fertility Cleanse. Fertility cleansing is a way to support the body in preparation for conception by cleansing the uterus and liver. A Fertility Cleanse encourages the
liver to cleanse the body of toxins and excess hormones. It also supports the uterus to cleanse itself of old stagnant blood and increases circulation to the uterus while strenghtening the uterine

Note: Cleansing is not recommended during Pregnancy or
breastfeeding. You do not want to expose your baby to your body’s
toxins as they circulate in your blood on the way out.


Over the years the body can accumulate toxins from chemicals in the air, earth, water and from substances we consume daily or slather on our skin (synthetic skin care products and cosmetics). Many of these toxins get stored in the fat tissues of the body and can be released quicker through cleansing.

Some of these toxins may be left from:

1.   Hormonal Birth Control Drugs
2.   Cigarette Smoke
3.   Pesticides
4.   Excess Hormones
5.   Poor Diet
6.   Alcohol

Ideally, we would like our bodies to be as healthy as possible during
pregnancy, through cleansing we are able to support the body in its
natural ability to rid itself of these substances.
While cleansing is beneficial, not just any cleansing can be adopted.Organic fruits devoid of chemical additives from fertilizer is highly recommended.Due to high demand for organic foods & fruits effort is been made by the producers to quicken and force ripen the fruits which leads to them genetically  modified  and hence making them to lose its nutritional value that is highly needed for the body.

Hence,our organization has done an extensive research to come up with a program called FIT FERTILITY DETOX PACK that helps to cleanse,detoxify and flush the body  system from excessive toxins that sabotage the body system.

Check below the benefits:

  • It makes the skin glow and radiate more

  • Detoxify,cleanse and nourish the entire body system

  •  It is an immunity booster

  •  It also help in diminishing stretch marks on the skin

  • Helps to boost & improve men’s & women’s fertility

  • It helps with weight management naturally

  • It helps to balance the body hormones

  • Helps in effective management of women’s menstruation

  • Ant-aging benefit

  • It also helps in shrinking fibroid growth when combined with ACTIVE PROBIOTIC

  • Alleviate chronic body infection

  • Helps with Cardiovascular challenge i.e lowering of blood pressure & bad cholesterol

  •  Helps with Lowering of  High Blood Sugar(Diabetic) due to the Chromium Picolinate in the Garcinia Plus

  • Improve sexual performance

  • It helps in reducing joint problems


All these were testimonials where achieved by first taking the FERTILITY DETOX PACK then followed by our  FERTILITY BOOST NUTRITIONAL PACK.

Below is the details on the contents of the Fertility Boost Pack

Aloe Berry Nectar,A-Beta-Care,Royal Jelly & Vitolize for Women


· Contains all the goodness of Aloe Vera Gel
· The delicious flavour is totally  natural,from a blend of fresh cranberries and mellow apples.
· Cleanses the entire urinary tract system,prevents bacteria from adhering to bladder cells.acidifies the urine…(help to combat candida ,thrush and other PID)…helpful against infections of the urinary tract
· Good for kidneys,bladder and skin….enhances their cleansing functions.
· Has anticancer properties
· Aid digestion in a special way because of the pectin.
· Natural source of flavonoids;oligomeric proanthocyanidins(OPCS) which makes it  a powerful protects the brain and spinal nerves against free radical damage,it protects the liver ,it strengtens the womb and repairs connective tissue,including that of the cardiovascular system,it supports the  immune system,it supports the immune system and slows aging.

SUGGESTED USE:Btw 60 ml/120 ml before or during meal.
Should not be drunk on empty stomach when there is ulcer but can be taken after eating.
Price: ₦ 6,000*3=₦ 18,000


·         The fountain of youth;aids cells regeneration.
·         Combat stress by alleviating the symptoms
·         Helpful flaccidity;especially in breast
·         Imrove skin texture and clarity
·         Increases body resistance to illnesses
·         It contains vitamin A,C,D and E and rich in B complex especially B5 which is vital for synthesis and metabolism of proteins,fats,carbohydrates and several is the only natural source of pure acetycholine.
·         It is vital for both male and female fertility.
·         It is a mild aphrodisiac.
·         Useful for liver disease,insomnia,bronchial asthma,bone fractures and kidney disease.

      Use:One to two tablets twice daily.
Price: ₦7,850


·         Helps with skin disorders and menopausal hot flashes.
·         Combines vitamin a(beta-carotene),vitamin e and mineral selenium….powerful antioxidant
·         Promotes healthy eye(vision),hair,and heart.
·         Protects the entire epithelial membrane;beneficial for skin.
·         Powerful antioxidant ;fight against damaging effects of free radicals.
·         Highly effective against cancer formation.
·         Particularly important to men’s fertility  and women’s fertility
·         Supports healthy blood circulation.

SUGGESTED USE:One soft gel twice daily.

Price: ₦7,000


·         It has been formulated with  a woman’s   needs  in mind,it includes a proprietary blend of apple powder,passion flower and schisandra berry,and magnesium,vitamin c,and b vitamins,for effective balanced hormones and overall health and well being.
·         It contains patented forms of iron and calcium,two critical mineral for woman’s cardiovascular and bone health.
·         Nutritional support  for hormonal  and mood balance.
·         Supports mental and physical energy levels.
·         Supports healthy reproductive organs.
·         Helpful supplement  against discomfort  due to PMS,menopause  or less than optimal urinary tract function.

SUGGESTED USE:Two softgels daily

Price: ₦7,650

Total Price for the FERTILITY BOOST PACK is Price: ₦40,500

INTRODUCING our FIT FERTILITY DETOX PACK which is a Natural and organic pack that contains the following:

· 2 Litres of ALOE GEL jucie which detoxifies and aids digestive health

· 1 LITE ULTRA WITH AMINOTEIN ( Meal Replacement Shake) that curbs hunger and is a complete meal at just 90 calories

1 SATCHET of GARCINIA PLUS capsule that helps the breakdown of body fat and inhibits conversion of carbohydrates to fat and help to nourish the boy with essential safflower oil.

· 1 SATCHET  FOREVER THERM  that helps boost your energy levels and kick-start metabolism

· 9 FOREVER FIBRE SATCHET which help to support your optimal health and digestive function naturally and also helps to immunity.

·  A booklet that gives guidance on how to embark on this 9 days DETOX program.

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The normal price is N35,000

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