​​How to remove and shrink most type of fibroid without surgery is very much possible depending on the size of the fibroid. There are natural alternatives to achieving that.

Most women having fibroid are seeking for how to remove and shrink their fibroid without going under the knife and in this article you will find the solution here.

Fibroids are  growths that can develop and amass in the  muscle tissue of the uterus that are smooth and has been found to be of the regular and common  form of tumors that are non-cancerous afflecting most women during their most active and productive childbearing years.

It is also known as a leiomyoma.Uterine  fibroid usually exist in groups. Sometimes they might not show any  symptoms, uterine fibroids can sometimes lead to  pain during sexual intercourse or during menstrual period and can have some effect on the urinary tract.

Pregnancy and uterine fibroid can have effects and serious implications though some of  these symptoms are usually rare. Fibroids can double  the chances of miscarriage,it can also cause bleeding, premature labor, and also affect the position and placement of the fetus. The amount of pressure that fibroids can place on the other parts  of the body are gastrointestinal issues like constipation, bloating, and even infertility.

Fibroids has been found to be so common,mostly 3 out of 4 women will experience them in their lives. Although, they might not require treatment and often women do not experience these fibroid symptoms that affect them. When fibroids cause pain or a lot of  bleeding they should be treated.
There are several types of Fibroid depending on the size and location of the Fibroid inside or outside the uterus namely:



There are several symptoms of Fibroid but not limited to the list below:
Low abdominal pain and pressure
Back Pain
Pain in the leg especially around the upper thighs
Constant urination due to pressure of the fibroid growth on the bladder
Heaving bleeding and blood flow
Pain during menstruation
Medical experts has not been able to give a definite and actual cause of Fibroid in women but it has been found that diets and Lifestyle is linked to Fibroid

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