​One major ingredients that is mostly left out by most fertility expert is the inclusion of Vitamin B-12 diets or supplements in the treatment protocol of many patients and clients.

Some studies have found that a deficiency of B12 may increase the chances of irregular ovulation, and in severe cases stop ovulation altogether in women.
It has also been noted that there is a direct correlation between Vit B-12 deficiency and low sperm count in men coupled with impaired sperm motility.

Doctors have reported successful pregnancies in once-infertile women following therapy for B12 deficiency.

Another vital vitamin that plays a vital role in conception in women is Folic acid.

Prior to now, the popular believe is that Folic acid is only vital to the development of the foetus.
It is however now so clear that folic acid supplementation is crucial to helping more women get pregnant.

According to Dr Jorge Chavarro, a research fellow at Harvard School of Public Health,

Boston, Folic acid was one of the mostimportant reasons for the reduction infertility risk, although some other vitamins played a part.

He said: ‘The beneficial effect on fertility continued to increase as women consumed higher amounts of Folic acid

”It looks like Folic acid is a major player in


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