⭐ When will I begin to see result?

Our therapy are not pharmeceutical drugs that only suppress Staph infection.For some of our users,some begin to see the symptoms vanishing in days,some in weeks and some  in a months.Depending on an individual body system result occur in different durations.

⭐  How long can I take it to get permanent cure? According to natural laws and body’s healing process,it takes 90 days to 120 days for our body cells to undergo total renewal,rejuvenation and healing.So,likewise you need minimum of 30 days to 90 days to achieve total treatment depending on an individual’s body’s system.But we advise to go complete for 90 days to consolidate the healing process.

⭐ Can I use it with other medications? BBGE Therapy is totally natural and it does not have adverse reaction with other medications but even helps to enhance the action of those medications.But if you are not sure of how you may react,we advise you to stick exclusively to the BBGE Therapy

⭐  Can Staph.aureus be contracted sexually or is it a Sexually Transmitted Disease?
MRSA or Staph.aureus is not an STD or it cannot be contracted primarily through sex but experience has shown that those that are carrier can later transfer it to their partners.


⭐  How can I place order for the BBGE Natural Therapy? The procedure on how to get the products is high lighted above by making payment to our account and it will be delivered to you in your location between 2 to 3 days


⭐  What is the guarantee I will get permanent eradication of this Staph. aureus infection?The guarantee is  based on testimonials and positive feedbacks from numerous users of the BBGE Natural Therapy for the past 5 years but result and improvement is based on the level of the Staph infection,your body’s immunity and how long you have been having the infection.Different people with different result and response.

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