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Shortest Possible Time!!! 

Dear Friend,


Are you sick and tired of the pain, discomfort and monumental torture of ulcer?


Have you ever rolled on the floor, clutching your belly in pains in the middle of the night, and just wish you could figure out how to do away with ulcer for good?


Has your ulcer resulted in any of the following conditions:



Gnawing or burning pain in the abdomen

Loss of appetite




Weight loss?



Does the symptoms of your ulcer subside like it’s gone, only to come back in a bigger and more painful manner?

Are the pains and symptoms so enormous and distractive that you worry that it could be affecting your work, academics or personal relationships?


 Have you tried looking for a permanent cure for your also, but have only failed in your quest, stacking up high costs and potential dangers?


And finally…


Do you just wish that there was a quick, relatively affordable and 100% NATURAL way to cure your ulcer permanently?



 If you answered a resounding “YES” to any of those questions, then you’re exactly in the right place…


 “Because I’m About To Show You a Safe, All-natural and Affordable Way To Cure Your Stubborn Ulcer Once And For All – And Make Sure It Never Comes Back Again!”

 You’ll finally be able to… Get Rid of your ulcer 100% NATURALLY (thanks to these tested and proven method, there will no longer be any need for expensive medication – that has longterm side effects)


Say goodbye to painful and sleepless nights:

Days of bad appetite

Unexplainable weight loss

Annoying nausea and vomiting – for good!


Boost your confidence and self-esteem in school and the office – you’d no longer be the centre of pity…those moments when the ulcer “strike” comes and everyone is like “eya”.


STOP having to spends tons of cash (you should be using for something else) on buying expensive anti-bacteria drugs that never seem to work.



And say goodbye to the pain, discomfort, inconvenience and embarrassment of ulcer FOREVER! “



Does That Sound Like Something You Want?”


 If so, then there is  help!

[MUST READ!!] True Life Story Of A Young Married Lady That Lost Her First Pregnancy Due To Severe Ulcer Pain And Malaria/Thyphoid And How She Finally Found The Nutritional Therapy That Healed Her


 Hello, my name is  Peace Idemudia, and I know EXACTLY what you’re going through.


Believe me, I know what it’s like to suffer from the pain, discomfort and embarrassment ulcer.

I know what it’s like to live with constant occasional tummy aches, to have difficulty sleeping, and to have people unnecessarily feel sorry for you when the ulcer drama starts in public!


I know what it’s like to be genuinely hungry, but lack the urge to eat, or feel sick to your stomach after eating that you feel like throwing up – this was how serious mine was.


 And I understand your frustration at being unable to find a solution – until now.


I had no idea how to permanently solve my ulcer problem, until I stumbled on an incredibly effective and all-natural solution.


But before I get to that “Let Me Tell You How My Ulcer Nightmare Started…”


My ulcers started in my early twenties.


I noticed 2-3 hours after I ate, I always had stomach pain.

It was mild at first but began to worsen as I got older.

By the time I was in my mid-twenties, I was taking antacids every night before I went to bed.

The pain was unbearable but nothing I tried seemed to make it go away.


I was a little stubborn but eventually I went to the doctor.

The doctor told me that I had an ulcer. He said not to worry because it was treatable with medication.

He wrote me a prescription (antacids, antibiotics, omeprazole tablets)and I was on my way.

Much to my amazement the drug actually got rid of my ulcer.


A few months later, I started developing the same symptoms.


Sure enough my new doctor told me I had another ulcer.


He said that I would have to switch medicines because they would become ineffective, as my body became accustomed to them.


The climax of all series of taking these drugs was when I had painful miscarriage due to this consistent gnawing ulcer pain and malaria fever


“And NOTHING I Tried Worked!”


Being a “Professor” of Google Research, I decided to find another way to cure my ulcer.


One of the things I discovered very quickly was Long term use of drugs can actually make your ulcer worse and can even lead to serious side effects.


During this time of research, I tried everything.


With every new treatment I tried, I had the hope that this would finally be the one that would get rid of my ulcers forever and be able to help others.


I researched, tried and tested:


  • Herbs

  • Aromatherapy

  • All kinds of diets

  • Acupuncture

  • And many other so called cures The one thing that all of these “cures” had in common was that they did not work.


“But The Ulcer Just Kept Coming Back – And My Pains Just Got Worse and Worse”


I realized at that moment that there was not a simple answer to this problem.


Oh sure there were a lot of treatments that would give me temporary relief but they were always temporary.


I also spoke with doctors, specialist, herbalist, holistic healers and anyone else I could find that had an idea on the subject.


 After all of this time, I had formed a very good knowledge of what and how ulcers work.


I also had a good idea of every cure that was out there.


What Happened Next Was A Miracle” I hate to admit this but I had given up.


I was 29 years old and I was tired of trying to cure something that didn’t have a cure. 


Then I got a strange phone call.


It was strange for two reasons.


First, it came from someone I had not spoken with in over 3 years.


Second, because it changed my life forever.


The call came from and old friend named Ikechukwu, who knew about my re-occurring ulcer problem from back in the days.


He had heard of a company that deals with nutritional therapy and heard how their organic treatments has helped over 584 Nigerians  with Stomach ulcer in over 10years .



He had found a cure.


An all-natural cure that totally eliminates ulcers.


This cure follows a clinically proven set of steps that stops, heals and then cures ulcers.


His colleagues and friends he knew had  used this very same remedy to get  cured of the very same ulcer that I had suffered for years, and he was kind enough to tell me the supplements they used


The challenge was that the health company that produces the nutritional supplements was based in Arizona,U.S.A


But he was also kind enough to parcel and ship down the natural supplements I needed to cure the ulcer.


Needless to say, I followed his directions to the letter and took the supplements as instructed.


The results were astonishing.


“I FINALLY Found The Solution To My Ulcer Nightmare”


I observed the state of things for months, and it was clear that it worked.


The ulcer never returned as it used to.


Very elated, I told Ikechukwu about the success.


He was glad too.


I then requested he send me 10 more packages for some people I knew in my church and sister’s office that I knew were suffering from what I was suffering from too.


Needless to say, it worked for them just as well!


As soon as I was confident enough that this remedy worked all the time, I started sharing it with other ulcer sufferers.

And every single one of them has experienced incredible results.




I Decided to Contact the company to buy in bulk and Help Others.


I had a discussion with the company production manager who’s in USA about how the Natural Supplement can be gotten to Nigeria as I will really love to introduce it to my friends and whoever I know that has been under the bondage of this stomach ulcer.


After few days I was able to seal a deal with the company and I arranged for shipment of 100 pieces down to Nigeria to sell In Bulk And Help Others.


So far, I have learned that my remedy I used and that has worked for so many others work on the following conditions:


BALANCE – Balances acid and alkaline levels in your digestive system, while enhancing immunity – remember ulcer is as a result of high acidity in the intestine.


CLEANSE – Cleanses your digestive system, while assisting in purifying blood.


 INCREASES BLOOD COUNT – Assist in red blood cell generation to ensure sufficient oxygen and nutrients for cell renewal – it speeds up the repairs of dead cells on the walls of your intestine.


GUT HEALTH– Improves Gastrointestinal and Digestive Health Enhances The Natural Cleansing and Detoxification Mechanism.


IMMUNE SYSTEM-Effectively Boosts Your Immune System to Fight infections or re-infection – this helps in stopping the ulcer from coming back.


HEALING BENEFIT-It helps with the sore and internal wound created in the oesophagus,stomach and intestine


ANTIBACTERIAL PROPERTIES– It is highly effective against any type of bacteria especially the Helicobacter pylori..the bacteria causing ulcer


ENERGY PRODUCTION-Energizes Your Body By Boosting Metabolism to Aid in Repairing Blood Vessels and Connective Tissues.


And Many More … The Truth About Ulcers; Ulcers are NOT a disease.

They are the end result from other things being wrong in the body.



Discovery has shown that  a lot of people are  looking for solutions, remedies and a natural cure for ulcer.

There are some tips and advise to give as regards that.

Having ulcer can be accompanied with:

  • Vomiting

  • Stooling with blood

  • Intense pains overnight

  • Chronic heartburn

  • Abdominal Pains between the chest and belly button

  • Dark Stools or stool that are black or tarry

  • Trouble breathing

  • Feeling Faint

  • Appetite Changes

  • Nausea

  • Unexplained Weight Loss

Above are some symptoms when in the throes,while taking medications or when it strikes.

There are  few natural remedies that can give you relief that you might not have ever known in your  life.

And now I know that the end of ulcer is here!


There are a few things you need to know.




The most common causes of stomach ulcers are infection with the bacterium.Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) and long-term use of aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) (Advil, Aleve, others).

Helicobacter pylori (Hpylori) is a type of bacteria.


These germs can enter your body and live in your digestive tract.

After many years, they can cause sores, called ulcers, in the lining of your stomach or the upper part of your small intestine.

For some people, an infection can lead to stomach cancer.


H. pylori Infection Symptoms, Test, and Treatment:

  • abdominal pain,
  • nausea and vomiting that may include vomiting blood,
  • passing dark or tarry like stools,
  • fatigue,
  • low red blood cell count (anemia),
  • decreased appetite,
  • diarrhea,
  • peptic ulcers

How does one get Helicobacter Pylori bacteria:



You can get H. pylori from food, water, or utensils.Once the bacteria have done enough damage, acid can get through the lining, which leads to ulcers. These may bleed, cause infections, or keep food from moving through your digestive tract.



           Above is a clinical outcomes of Helicobacter pylori infecction of the digestive tracts


SECRET EXPOSED:If this harmful bacteria can be eliminated from the system then that will be the end of any form of stomach ulcer

But a lot of doctors prescribe the same things.


Antibiotics(flagyl, amoxicillin, cimetidine, etc) or a combination of the  two with omeprazole tablets (meprasil, rabeprazole, ulcertret, omez, etc).

Some prescribe Ulcer kits.

Its the same combination( pyrox combi, ulsa-kit, etc).

They usually prescribe this for 2 weeks or less, depending on the intensity of the pain.

You might  take all these medications a number of times, and though it may provide relief for a while, it doesn’t cure the ulcer.

The worst part is the adverse effects of taking this strong antibiotics(e.g flagyl) which leads to:

Stomach pain



Loss of appetite and all.


At times it could get so bad that you just have to stop them.

All these things have their own negative side effects on the body, it can even be  more complex for  females as it can affect  their menstrual cycle as a woman.


After a while, maybe 2 months or more,the pain comes back and you begin the treatment again.

It can be so devastating, crazy and frustrating.

Anyway, here are a few tips that every ulcer patient must know especially when pain becomes unbearable:





1. Stop taking fried foods( fried meat or fish, plantain etc) or too oily meals (fried rice).

2. Stay away from spicy foods( suya, pepper soup, etc)

3. Stay away from hard & crunchy snacks ( plantain chips, potato chips etc)


4. Avoid carbonated drinks! ( Coke, malt, sprite lacasera, etc).

They cause a lot of pain for an ulcer patient.

Take plenty of water instead, or drink yoghurt because it contains beneficial bacteria that reduces the activity of the H.Pylori the harmful bacteria that causes ulcer

5. Avoid mint sweets (lemon plus, peppermint, tom-tom and the likes). Also don’t take garri, or rough meals like eba.


1. Take plenty of water. Take at least a litre of water every morning when you wake up. This helps to dilute the acid your stomach may have secreted over night


2. Eat swallows more with draw soup, (ewedu, okro, etc less of egusi)


3. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. E.g bananas, apples, watermelon, avocado, cucumber, carrots and cabbage. ORANGES ARE NOT GOOD FOR ULCER PATIENTS.

4.Get Aloe Vera Gel.It is good for heartburns and ulcer too. Just take like 5 oz.It has healing benefits It gives relief. Research just showed dat antacids are not too good for heartburns.


5. Eat in bits. A little at a time, so that your stomach can digest it in bits. Always have snacks like biscuits, banana, with you in case you are hungry.


6. Too much of some nuts, may cause pains. (E.g groundnuts, walnut, cashew nuts.) NEVER eat ROASTED CORN. Its rough and can cause the ulcer to bleed, hence causing pain.





Mega Ulcer Natural Care  is made up of 1 Litre of  Gel Detox, Active Probiotic,Garlic Plus  & Fields Of Green 

Medium Ulcer Natural Care  is made up of 1 Litre of  Gel Detox,Garlic Plus  & Fields Of Green 


The Ulcer Natural Therapy is researched,developed and manufactured by Aloe Of America Inc. and marketed and distributed by Right Diet and Lifesytle Int’l  

We have limited stock and when we run out of stock it might take about 2 to 3 weeks to ship in and restock  

You will  see a lot of result,improvement and get rid of the ulcer in the shortest possible time depending on how long you have been having it   

Mega Ulcer Natural Therapy contains 4 organic products at a retail value of $106 (N38,500)


Medium Ulcer Natural Therapy contains 3 organic products at a retail value of $88 (N33,500)

But for the first 20 that places order before  7 days will get a whooping 15% discount  for the Mega Ulcer Natural Pack N33,500  and Medium Ulcer Natural Pack N28,500 

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                                             GEL DETOX



General body tonic:It replenishes lost vital nutrients(ammino acid,vitamins,mineral e.t.c.).

It is an elixir of life)

·         Increases feelings of vitality and increases flexibilty

·         Contains more than 200 nutritional compounds

·         Detoxifies the entire body system of toxins(due to the presence of vitamin a,c and e);protecting the cells,tissues and organs(strong antioxdant);aids  rejuvenation.

·         Cleanses the entire digestive system(due to the presence of saponin),and it also aid in healing stomach  disorders ,constipation,haemorroids,rectal itching,colitis and all colon problems

·         It is a non steroidal anti inflammatory and helpful against arthritis

·         Natural pain inhibitor(helpful against general body pain)

·         Natural healer(helpful against ulcer and also promotes wound healing)

·         Natural immunodulator;(due to the presence of sugar called  polysaccharides);helpful against infections,even aids.

·         Natural source of energy(increases rate of metabolism);help against low energy level

                                              ACTIVE PROBIOTIC

Probiotic contains unique combination of six beneficial of bacteria microbes namely:

🍥Lactobacillus acidophilus – helps inhibit undesirable organisms by preventing them from multiplying and colonizing the intestine

🍥Bifidobacterium longum – crowds out bad bacteria and helps to reduce the frequency of gastrointestinal disorders.

🍥Bifidobacteria.L – helps lower the body’s ph and further inhibits the growth of undesirable bacteria.

🍥Lactobacillus rhamnosus – Protects the intestinal tract and thus strengthen its ability to defend against undesirable microorganisms.

🍥Lactobacillus bulgaricus – helps to cleanse and balance the small intestine.

🍥Lactobacillus plantarum –

Preserves essential nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants.

· Helps to prevent the growth of yeast and other pathogens(disease causing bacteria and fungi)·

.Helps prevents inflammtory  bowel disorders·

.Promotes a healthy digestive system·

.Help to improve intestinal health.·

.Helps in the synthesizing of vitamin k·

.Enhances nutrient absorpton and immune function.

Balances the colonic  pH thereby help in preventing colon cancer.

Powerful anti-biotic; an excellent aid against bacterial infections.

·         Enhances the immune functions; useful against inflammation of the mucuos membranes of the mouth ,dry cough and throat,halitosis,ulcers,and acne.

·         Ideal for upper respiratory infections;cough, flu and cold.


                                                                   GARLIC PLUS


  • Garlic-plus,the two powerful antioxidant;combine to a great tool in maintaning good contains many sulphur compounds,which give it its healing properties.

  • Disinfects the lungs and the skin;helps prevent body odour.

  • The odourless softgel capsule;helps support the conversion of fats to energy due to lecithin.

  • Detoxifies the body and protects against infection by enhancing immune function.

  • Lowers blood pressure and improves circulation.

  • Aids in the treatment of arteriosclerosis,arthritis,asthma,colds, and flu,digestive problems,heart disorders,insomnia,liver disease,sinustis,ulcers by inhibiting growth of helicobacter pylori,the ulcer-causing bacterium.good for virtually any  disease or infection.

  • A great nutrient in the fight against cancer.


                                                           FIELDS OF GREEN


·         Excellent “green food” source;contains barley grass,wheat grass,alfalfa.

·         Excellent source of multi minerals and multi vitamins.

·         Provides energy,improves oxygen supply and also help against vomiting.

·         Purifies the blood stream due to the presence of chlorophyll;for healthy menstrual flow and also counteracts the effect of of radiation.

·         Helps in cancer prevention and management.

·         Super food for diabetic and ulcer individual,because of the chromium picolinate




Testimony 1: Korede, I have an ulcer. Unlike many other people, I have never had an ulcer before. I went to the doctor and she said that I should be able to just take some simple medicines and it would go away. 3 months later, I was on my 3rd drug treatment but the ulcer was still there. I got your package and in less than 2 weeks I could tell a major difference. After a month I didn’t hardly ever feel pain and now its been 3 months and I haven’t had a single symptom in over a month.

Tosin Balogun, Ekiti State.



Testimony 2:“I suffered from Ulcer for 4 years, and it was an absolute nightmare. Whatever I did to cure it, it just kept on coming back. My doctor was no help at all, as he gave up after switching between several medications.Since I found your treatment, my life is so much better. No more excrutiating stomach pains. No more sleepless nights. And no more ulcer. My wife is even happier than me!” Chima Ibe, Eket.


Testimony 3:“I want to recommend your ULCER CARE THERAPY for anyone that wants to free themselves from Ulcer. I had been suffering from peptic ulcer since a very young age. I tried just about every treatment out there, but it only got more expensive and potentially dangerous on the long run. Fortunately, after giving a try to this modest products, my ulcer symptoms vanished, and it’s been over 8 months that it has not returned” Ezikiel, Awka.


Testimony 4:“I thought I would live the rest of my life with this constant pains, however, after 2 months of using aloe vera gel, I felt a new lease of life. Thanks a lot for introducing me to this.” Tochukwu, Lagos State.



Testimony 5:“Ever since I started using your ulcer product, my situation drastically improved over night. I used to go to bed every time with severe pains, but it is now things of the past. Thanks for the product. I am totally impressed and satisfied.” Seun, Festac, Lagos.



Testimony 6:“I’ve been looking for a way to deal with ulcers naturally for a while now. I have actually done quite a bit of research on the matter but was blown away by what you offered. The thoroughness of your product is great. I got healed of my ulcer faster than I could imagine. Keep up the good work. I’m glad that there is a resource like this out there for anyone suffering from an ulcer.” Mrs. Kelechi Amadi,Enugu.


Testimony 7:“Just a quick thank you. I bought your product in Mid February, in hopes I could be ulcer free by march. In a little over three weeks,the pains and symptoms were all gone! What a relief!! Thank you doesn’t feel sufficient enough. Please use this testimony as my sincere gratitude.” Patience Barade,University of Ibadan.

















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