Disease such as, cancer, stroke, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, high blood pressure, brain fog, depression, anxiety, Lymes disease, diabetes, pre-mature aging, obesity, and immune disorders, are directly associated with not only the over use of antibiotics, over the counter drugs, immunizations, prescription drugs and pharmaceuticals but the interaction of deeply embedded chemical substances taken years ago and long forgotten drugs.

Doctors don’t know about the long term deleterious effects of their prescriptions.  They are not cognizant of the diseases they are creating later in their patient’s lives with their prescription pad.  Ask most drug doctors how long the drug stays in your body.  They’ll tell you 72 hours.  This answer is, of course, incorrect.  They say this because their brain conditioning centers, called medical schools, pumped this idea into their heads.  Some drugs never come out.  They cause reactions in the body with other substances many years later.

Most doctors  has a PDR, a Physicians Desk reference Manual that lists the so-called side effects of every known drug in the world.  First of all we must understand that the term, “side effect” is a bought and paid for Madison Avenue word.  If we were truthful in our language, we would use the more correct term, “poisoning effect”.  In Short:  A side effect from a prescription drug is indeed a poisoning effect.

This means that establishment medicine kills more people in one year than all the wars in our nation’s history.  Even discounting this number, seeing your drug doctor filling his prescription has proven to be a very dangerous practice.

Some people think drug medicine heals people.  This is incorrect.  God designed the body to heal itself.  Some people may reply that lives have been saved with some drugs.  That is true, but the good must always be weighed with the downside risks.  America is the sickest nation in the world  today mainly because it is the most drugged and overmedicated nation in history.  The accumulative effect of drugs is just beginning to have its toll on the nation’s health.  Our nation’s immune system is coming close to an all time low.  We are being set up for plagues that no drug can cure.

Remember it’s not just the over the counter aspirin that you popped yesterday. or the headache remedy you took this morning or the prescription that you got refilled last week, it’s the cumulative effect of a life time of over the counter, recreational, so-called immunizations, mindless flu shots and prescription drugs residues that are lodged deep in bodily tissue, glands, organs, nerves, cells, and let us not forget, what’s lodged in brain cells.

Truth has not been taught to our medical doctors in their conditioning centers, called medical schools.  If they were given full disclosure, if they were taught truth, few would be writing prescriptions as freely as they do.  Pharmaceuticals would be reserved for times of emergency and not handed out so quickly.

If medical doctors were taught the whole truth about drugs in medical school, what information would they be given before they went into private and public practice?

  • All drugs are immune suppressors.
  • So-called side effects are, in reality, poisoning effects.
  • God never designed the human body to ingest drugs.
  • There is no metabolic process to throw drug residues out of the cell.
  • The only substances that our Creator designed the human body to take in are air, water and food.
  • The father of all modern medicine, Hippocrates, taught in all his medical schools in the Greek Empire, “Let your food be your medicine, let your medicine be your food.” (4th Century BC)
  • God revealed to us through the prophet Ezekiel, that the leaf (natural medicine, from the earth) is designed to be  medicine. (Ezekiel 47:12)
  • God revealed to us through the prophet David, that the herb from the earth was made to be our medicine.  (Psalms 104:14)
  • All drugs are toxic to human cells.

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