​It was a very cool Monday morning at work 

and I just receive a letter of transfer to 

Aba,Abia State to be precise, 
I had to go for two days training to 

boost my departmental knowledge.
I decide to spend the night at 

one of my old friend’s place 

whose name is Charles, 

so I can relax well and 

prepare for the training
I have already called him immediately 

my flight took off, so we arrange to 

meet at the airport.
We met exactly as arranged, 

exchange greetings and drove 

straight to his house. 
In the evening we sat in his 

balcony to chat about old times 

and take few drinks.
Charles whom we nicknamed Mr Maltina back 

then in school brought one Maltina 

for himself and send someone 

to go get red wine for me.
I asked him 
“So Charles you still take maltina up till now, 

guy you will never change at all , hope 

it doesn’t affect your kerewa

on bed because all this drinks are

just too sugary for my liking”
He laugh and said 
“No it doesn’t affect 

me at all”
We took some drinks, his wife 

brought some fufu and Egusi soup,

we ate and later I left for my room
During the night I came to the parlour 

to read and watch TV because I was 

not feeling sleepy at all
I was just 5 minute into the parlour 

when I start hearing some noise…..

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