Drug medicine did not originate with Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, but with Egyptian  sorcery and witchcraft.

For the last three decades the number one cause of hospital emergency and admission has been drug intereaction intervention.

  • There are no safe drugs.

  • The simplest drug aspirin, kills 5,000 people a year, and is a leading cause of stomach bleeding, ulcers, macular degeneration and pancreatic cancer.

  • There is little scientific efficacy to back the practice of immunization.  What we    do have demonstrates that it is a deleterious practice causing more long-term harm than good.

  • 80% of the antibiotic use is being used incorrectly, does not work and is harmful, compromising the patient’s immune system.

  • Antibiotics wipe out the lymphatic systems delicate ecology, bowel flora, blood chemistry and the body’s own immune system.

  • Flu shots are a mindless practice, according to scientific findings

  • The use of the term medical science in the practice of allopathic medicine is the incorrect use of the term.  Allopathy has far less scientific backing than we assume.

. 80% of our modern day practice of medicine has no scientific efficacy.  We simply believe it’s a good thing.  (based on Faith)

  • Chemotherapy kills more people than cancer.  Double blind cross over studies have demonstrated that the survival rate is higher with people who do nothing than chemotherapy.

  • The administration of toxic substances to a sick, immune compromised patient may not be the sensible practice of medicine.

  • Most drug by-products and residues never leave the body.  They remain in tissue for life.

  • Much of our modern day unexplainable disease may be the result of trapped toxins form drugs taken decades ago that react with recent drugs, heavy metals, synthetic chemicals and environmental pollutants.

  • Certain drugs, once taken, make it almost impossible to lose weight.  Much of our obesity epidemic is the result of prescription drugs.


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