This is the testimony of a happy client  after undergoing our FIT Weight Loss Program:

It all started on my way to Dubai where I was weighing 142kg. I will normally get an extra seat belt aboard the flight which for me is normal due to my excess weight.

 Upon arrival at Doha airport, I had a small heart attack which sent me to the emergency unit of the airport. After all the check-ups that I got, all that the doctor could tell me was that i need to loose 50kg of your body weight,
if not, i might be at a very high health risk. Even though I have been battling my body fat since 1999 with no result, the expression on the doctor face tells me that I don’t have any other option than to shed the weight.
I tried all sorts of workout in gym, but all in vain.

So for 6 months in 2009, I did a lot of workout in the gym and all I lost was 12kg but still not satisfied because I was still an obese. I should not weigh above 80kg according to my BMI. After all I did and my effort without the desired outcome, I became very sad. I have spent most of my life savings on trying to lose weight. All I can do at that time was to give up,what next, I went back to my usual eating habit.

At some point I decided to try again, I consumed maple syrup diet for 2weeks and I lost 7 kg but gained it back in less than 4 days. Then I realized that with the maple syrup diet you only lose water not fat.

After all these efforts, my sister introduced me to a weight loss coach who is also a researcher..She recommended the clean detox program for me which I was skeptical about at first because of my previous experiences with other products.She claimed the product has worked for all her clients and she volunteered to coach me through the whole process in other to ensure I get my desired result.
I first started with the 9 days detox before proceeding to the 30 days fit detox program.

To my surprise,after the 9 days program,I lost 10kg which I couldn’t achieve with exercises or the other products I had used.I also went ahead to lose 25kg with the 30 days detox which came as a shock to me.

I will also love to share the transformation of my wonderful friend.

When I first heard about her weight loss story I didn’t believe until I saw her “before and after pictures”.

I have always known her to be slim.She told me how her been overweight always made her to have heart palpitations, chest pain that makes her to hit it to feel relieved,always been fatigue and get tired easily when she walks for long or when she climbs staircase.

She was not enjoying herself at all due to her weight until a fateful day when a weight loss coach recommended a 9 days C9 Detoxification and Weight Loss Pack to her in her office.

Little did she know it will help her and she was able to lose about 9kg in just 9 days.

Wow!!..Her experience made her to discover an amazing opportunity behind the Clean 9 Pack and she has helped several women and men home and abroad such as Egypt,Germany and South Africa that she has helped to LOOK BETTER.. FEEL BETTER & FEEL HEALTHIER.

I also remember a woman in Abeokuta,Ogun State that used our C9 Pack and Active Probiotic Formula Pack that lost weight,got flat tummy and got her Fibroid shrinked and became much more younger in looks all courtesy of the guidance & coaching of amazing Ajadi Opeyemi.

If this story relates to you or somebody you know that needs a guaranteed weight loss program..

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