​I love eating fruits because of how juicy,refreshing and satisfying they are when consumed.
But I rarely juice them or make smoothies because of my work schedules.I remember reading a book titled Hallelujah Diet authored by Rev.George Malmus and my eyes opened to the amazing healing benefits we can derive from fruits.

I came across this interesting testimonials on the benefits of taking smoothies and I will like to share it:

“Since making freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juices as well as smoothies an integral part of my daily diet, this healthy lifestyle has totally and dramatically transformed my health and my life. The health and wellness benefits are unquantifiable but I will list just a few.
1. Immune system: Juices and smoothies have boosted my immunity significantly. I cannot remember the last time I felt really ill or visited a hospital. Not even malaria which is endemic in our environment, cold, sore throat, fever, catarrh, flu like symptoms or other infections have bothered me. The interesting thing I noticed with the regular temperature checks in public buildings due to the Ebola scourge is that my body temperature has been consistently within normal range.
2. Boundless energy: My energy level has been consistently high and I even take very long walks without getting tired or breathless. I no longer struggle with various chores that are now done with a lot of ease and breeze.
3. Mental clarity and good retentive memory: I am experiencing better alertness and mental clarity more than ever before. I remember things much better than I used to. My conclusion from this personal experience is that your mental health and memory improves when you are healthy or healthier.
4. Strength and flexibility: I have practically no age related aches and pains associated with getting older. I actually feel much stronger and more flexible than when I was much younger.
5. Health Challenges: It has kept my thyroid and the related blood pressure conditions in check. No more swollen feet, hands or puffy face. In fact my doctor actually reduced my thyroid medication after a while.
6. Bowel movement and detoxification: My bowel movement has been so regular that it is like clockwork. It just proves that this human machine called the body is it’s own best doctor and will respond right when you treat it right. All the bloated feelings, constipation, indigestion and diarrhea that plagued me when I was much younger are almost non existent. My body naturally detoxifies itself with some of the wholesome nutrition it gets and almost all tell tale signs of toxicity on my skin and body have diminished drastically.
7. Excellent sleep pattern: When I am well and healthy I sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed and energized. I sleep soundly and can start my day very early because I get enough uninterrupted restful sleep.
Anytime I stray from healthy eating habits my body responds sooner or later by going out of whack. I can tell because I no longer enjoy all the benefits listed above until I retrace my steps and do what I have since discovered to be the right thing for my body. A good friend once said “your body is your best doctor so listen to what it tells you”.
Sounds too good to be true? Just try it and I guaranty that you will have your own testimonial to share if you do it right.
Everyone needs to eat more raw fruits and vegetables as a matter of priority. What better or more interesting way of consuming them than by including a wide variety of fruit and vegetable juices as well as smoothies in your diet?

Lagos, Nigeria
Source:Eat Right Stay Healthy

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